WTS: 300 Sol/s Year for 1,5BTC - Without fees (Updated - 500 Sol/s)

Selling 1 month mining at 41 S/s in any pool(Reporting 46 S/s on CoinMine), you just provide to me the user.desiredworkername and password and i will be mining for you for 1 month. (30 Days).

I already sell hashpower on miningrigrentals.com

Price: 0,5 BTC - I will post my rig links on MMR later.

My Lbry RIG on MMR:

I need to buy more hardware, because that i will sell my current hashrate.

If you have interess, contact me.

Let’s assume we are not looking for the most efficient hardware:
2 x Mid-range-CPU-servers which will do 20ss/each = 2 x $100 = $200 (≈0.275 BTC)
Your offer just sucks to be honest…

In your math i don’t see any PSU, Motherboard, HD, Power, Maintenance… Put here a 2 slots motherboard and see were the number will go.

And also… there’s much more envolved in mining than just buy hardware.

I’m talking about dedicated server - why should I count real h/w?
(as long as we are talking about 1mo-rent)

I don’t know, i simple can’t sell this hashpower for lower that i can mine, don’t make any sense.

Im folowing the usual prices on mining rig rentals, 10-20% more that i can mine myself using the actual price of the coin.

Updated: 300 S/s on any pool only for 2 Btc/Year.

If the miner software gets an update, i will update the solrate for free.

If the miner goes down (Offline) i will compensate with more hashrate in the next 24 hours.

all the income BTCS will be invested in more hardware.

Cloud mining is dead.

Just mine privately for yourself.

I apprecieted your mensage, but i have to disagree.

Some people don’t have space/skills to set-up mining rigs propely and to do maintence on it, for that type of people im selling my hashpower.

It’s not cloud mining, i’ts just a rented-type of minig widouth all this boring part. ( For someone this is boring, i work with computer maintence along 12 years, i’ts a pleasure to me)

For sure, if you think about the prices that some companies ask for a small amout of hashpower, i’ts completly non-sense.

3,47BTC for 260 Sols/s for exemple, this is absurd!

Im seeling this 300+ Sol/s for 2 BTC widouth Eletric and Maintence Fees, Who purchase will recieve this exactly what they purchase, widouth ANY small text or hidden taxes.

Im working constanntly and im up-to-date with any possibility of increased hashrate, if a new miner comes-out with more hashing power, i will update the Sols/s immediately.

I think i just need a first customer, to people get’s confidence on me, i have greater plans to my propriety that includes a cheaper company to renting hashpower.

For the first customer i have decreased the price.

1.5BTC/Year without fees.

Nobody will pay you 1.5BTC for 300 H/s. Those prices you see listed for GenesisMining and Toomins was before ZEC was launched and before Claymore’s optimized miner. Back then most assumed a R9 290 would do about 30 H/s and thats how the prices were derived.

300H/s right now costs 0.657BTC/per year on Nicehash and this will only keep decreasing since everyday loads and loads of GPUs are being turned on.

Stop trying to find a sucker. I know mining isn’t as profitable as you want it to be but it doesn’t give you a reason to rip people off.


Totally agree @adaseb sick of these scam artists taking people for mugs and ripping them off, @JonesSkill If your deal is so good why not mine for yourself

Actually im mining for myself…

The miner that i use will be update soon, maybe i can get 400 Sol/s with a single GPU…

I know people that u are sick from scammers and this type of people that only takes advantage from anyone, but im trying to offfer a service with more decent price…

Anyway, if @adaseb if you put a order on nicehash to mine 1 year at this price, probably your demand will never be completed, you know how nicehash works, if someone pay’s more, your offer will be placed in wait.

Either way, it doesn’t make sense to buy any cloud mining because the only way how it would pay off would be if the value of the coin quadrupled at least in the near future, and in that case you are just better off buying it directly.

We are all on borrowed time as miners. Its been a good year starting with Ethereum but there are too many people who started to mine with GPUs that we are starting to get bread crumbs.

Updated: 448 Sol/s reported on the miner software.

UPDATED: 460 Sol/s =D

Updated: 500 Sol/s - Miner software Updated =D