How to mine multiple miners to same wallet?

If I am mining using the instructions given at on 100 remote linux machines, what is the best way of making the received funds on each of these machines go to the same wallet without logging into each manually to send the funds? Is there something I can do in the config?

This is from the same wiki guide. In the modifications section.

Mine to a single address
The internal zcashd miner uses a new transparent address for each mined block. If you want to instead use the same address for every mined block, find the following line in both src/miner.cpp (in the function ProcessBlockFound()) and src/wallet/wallet.cpp (in the function CommitTransaction()):
Remove or comment out that line in both places.

I saw this, but this is still on a per-machine basis (there's no way to set the destination address). I am talking about the blocks from all machines going to the same address. Any ideas?