Mining with a computer cluster. Does it make sense?

Hi @kofif

But, I think that the nodes still mine separately after receiving the instructions from the main node.I was wondering if there is a way to throw combine the hash rate of the nodes and “throw” it at the algorithm

This is exactly what stratum proxy does: “hashrate clustering”

  • When you are mining with multiple GPUs on a worker, the pool send you a work (target + hash) and all the GPUs of this miner try to solve it.

  • Now, when you connect an other worker to the pool, the poll will send an other work (same target, other hash). So the GPUS of the first miner work on share 1 and the second GPU-set (worker 2) on share 2.

  • Now, if you use a proxy, your computers cluster (behind the proxy) is “declared” to the pool like an unique miner and all GPUs try to solve the same work (target + hash). So, if you have 5 rigs with 6 GPUs, the proxy act like an unique 30 gpus miner with aggregated hashrate.