Mining with bots will cause centralization

It seems someone or some teams want to mine with bots, like they have 10000+ bots, this will cause centralized mining especially in the beginning when network launches, is there a way to prevent this happens?

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Yes: take down the botnets. This may be difficult, but has been done for many previous botnets.


What are the requirements to be labeled as botnet? Let’s say I’m a owner of a medium company, like 100 employees and I’m the IT manger too, so i decide to use all my desktops to mine during night…ill be labeled as botnet and taken down?

The difference between a botnet and that situation is that the botnet nodes are running without the consent of the owners and users of those machines. In previous cases where botnets have been taken down, it’s been completely obvious that they were running without users’ consent.


This is true, but is there a way to prevent botnet?