Mining without anonymity

Since the system with which I plan on mining only has 4GB of RAM, and the OS requires 1GB of RAM, I clearly do not have the required 4GB for Zcash itself. However, I was told that if I forego the anonymous transactions, it should be sufficient. Is this true? Where can I find relevant info? Most importantly, what statements will I have to include in the zcash.conf file?

you don't neeeed zcash installed to mine. what are you using to mine?
i myself am not positive on the anonymous transaction in regards to necessary RAM..

have they fixed the z-addr issues? are z-addr working now?

so what is the point of installing zcash at all? to use it as a wallet?

i'm going to use the sarath-hotspot miner, which i installed a little while ago. which miner are you using?

i had no idea there were issues with z-addresses. i literally just found out about zcash yesterday night. are there z-addr issues with the local wallet?

i use sarath + silentarmy
no you dont need zcash installed to use sarath, forget about it and just install sarath and mine

you need zcash insatlled to:
have a wallet on your computer
run a node

which you can just use a wallet at an exchange to mine to, its easier
and you dont have to run a node, leave that to people with more ram anyway

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wow O: wouldn't it be more secure having your wallet localized on your own PC though?

which exchanges are credible and trustworthy? which ones would you recommend?

if you want as much control over your wallet, its best to run your own node.
it doesn't need to be running at all times if that's what you're worried about.
after all, who knows how many other magical tux's are out there. no one wants a round two.

so basically all i'd have to do is generate a t-address and a z-address which i would then give to a pool, and then simply start mining?

precisely. just be sure the pool accepts the z-addr, they should outline this in their help/faq/about section.

yes just sign up for an exchange like poloniex, they auto gen you a t-addr, thats all you need to mine

forget about z-addr for now i think

awesome thanks!! cryptomined was saying there was an issue with z-addresses currently?! what's this about

word. thanks again. i think i'll just try generating a z-addr with zcash.

yes, this was due to tx's with joinsplits not getting mined, users couldn't pay out to z-addresses, complete headache

so i generated a t-address and was mining with this on flypool for a bit on my main system. however, when i tried moving the hdd back to my other system it stopped working with that miner, so i'm assuming there's a hardware compatibility issue. nonetheless, my question is how do i access the funds in that t-address once my share is paid out?

possibly corrupt sectors? look into running fsck and badblocks on your disk.

funds are accessed directly via your wallet, make sure zcashd is running.
to view total balance of your t and z addresses:

$ zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance

for just t addresses:

$ zcash-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 true

for sending from a t to z, or vice versa, see 'Sending coins...'

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