Started with mining, did I done everything correctly?


I started mining the ZCash, but Im a little bit confused if I have done everything correctly.

I downloaded Debian packages for zcash and I have created empty zcash.conf in my home directory.
After that I started the zcashd (without parameters) and in second terminal window I have started the zcash-cli program and I have made two address using commands getnewaddress and z_getnewaddress.

I have saved those two addresses and closed the zcash-cli and zcashd. After that I started the miner tool with URL to the pool and I have used my t address as the “username”.

Is this okay?
The reason why Im confused is when I started mining the ETH - I needed to create account with my secret passphrase, but when I generated a new addresses for ZCash I wasn’t asked for password.

Thank you for responses.

That all sounds right.

when I generated a new addresses for ZCash I wasn’t asked for password.

Currently, wallet encryption isn’t a thing in zcash. You can encrypt your home dir/your whole disk to get around this.

Thank you for your response!

So, if I backup the wallet using the zcash-cli backupwallet “someFileName” and exportdir set in zcash.conf to some folder, Im good?

Maybe I missing anything, but when I expose my t address, how can I prove that I own the address? And only me can send coins from that address etc.

You have a spending key that was created with your address. Without this key, nobody can make transactions that take money from that wallet.