Question about different wallet

Hello all,

I’m new in mining so i have some questions (i already check google without success). Before buying a little rig, i use my little computer (mainly about testing and stuff).

Here we go :

I use claymore zcash (last version) with an amd gpu (R9 270)
I use zcash4win as "local wallet’
I have a 175 h/s speed.
Windows 10 pro 64 bit

My questions :

Q1: After 2 hours, i don’t see anything in my zcash4win wallet. I know you need a lot of time with my little computer to get 1 zec but am i’m not supposed to get 0.00000000001 zec ? How can i check if my wallet is really “under load” ?

Q2: About wallet adress, i don’t really understand how it works. A local adress is like “t1fdkldfkldfklfdkl” and my kraken wallet is something like the same. How the minner software can make the difference between a local and “an internet address wallet”

Q3 : What is the best way ? Minning local or minning directly to kraken website ?

Q4 : Is there a huge difference between linux and windows miner (in term of performance)

Thanks and sorry if my questions seem dumb.


Claymore is primarily used for pooled mining, I highly suggest create an account click on help then getting started. The zec you mine will show up on your dashboard along with hashrate and other information. You can then withdraw from your account tab into your wallet. Unless you have powerful mining equipment you would not expect to solve a block on your own anytime soon (years) which = 0.00zec

Address’s are randomly generated for you and have a matching private key. Linux is always best but I can’t say anything about mining performance.

I also suggest you research some more it will all make sense in time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

Actually i already use a pool : but it’s just a pool so i need a wallet. Is there a way (a command line or something) to check if my local wallet is loaded by the minner ? I have msg like “share accepted” so from what i understand the pool setup is “ok” but the wallet…How can i do ? :frowning:

No, that’s not how it works, share accepted is a good thing, means that you are mining, You just need a zcash address the pool “flypool” can send your funds to. I can only guess, it may be manual payouts or automatic, e.g when you have a balance of 0.01 they will forward on the funds. Any address on the “Own address” tab in the GUI wallet are yours You can then enter that address on their website to see your current balance.

Sorry can’t be more help, I am unfamiliar with flypool, but I still recommend supernova if your having trouble.

Thanks, i guess i will finnally use what you said (it seems more “noob friendly”).

It is indeed. Just click getting started and look for the claymore section, make a .bat file with that information.