Miningspeed 0% fee equihash pool
0% fee
Payout from 0,1 balance!
TLS support
Dedicated server
Miner stats

We hallready found blocks for zdash, and komodo, we still need some hashrate on zcash and zclassic, so come and join us!!

Spread the wor(l)d!!

allready 117 blocks found on zdash and 11 on komodo!!

zcash, zclassic and komodo wallet is allready updated to latest version due to security bug

zdash wallet has released upgrade! we are on latest version now!

We updated our website:
Payments page is now finished!

Still 0% fee, and 200ksol sitting on zclassic!
Come and get the last ZCL before the fork

We are ready on launch for ZEN coin!

We now have 3 different stratum locations: EU, is and Asia!

hi! one question, do you guys have a specific time for payout? I’ve just joined your zclassic mining pool from yesterday and haven’t gotten anything back yet.