Miningspeed - Zcash and Zclassic mining pool - 15% extra payments untill 26-12

Some people already know our website
We have some great calculators there, also you can provide your hahsrate there where people can see how much a card does on a certain algo.
Now we have setup a mining pool to mine both zclassic and zcash.
We are planning to have an option to choose most profitable later.
We also hope to add more coins in the future but our focus is getting this running smooth first…
We have 0% fee till the end of January!
Please come and test our pool!
We have different ports with different difficulties, all vardiff enabled…
If you need higher diff, let us know…


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Update: Vardiff is working, we have 3 different ports with different difficulties, all with vardiff enabled…

Our first miner has just arrived on zcash!

Please come and test our pool for a few hours…

I know about
is that your site?
looks the same, but never heard of
mininghwcomparison seems to have a lot more info though

last I remember the owner of mininghwcomparison was trying to sell it?

hwminingspeedcomparison was from heliox, but he throw the script on guthub.
I setup and added some extras…

ah i see, cool, hopefully you can update it with more ZCash speeds :stuck_out_tongue:
but I guess miners are still optimizing so maybe its best to wait

Content is all submitted by users, so if everyone submits his configs, the database is growing

update: please use port 3033 for zcash, we still have lots of rejects using vardiff…
port 3033 has static diff

UPDATE: problem resolved!!! vardiff working fine

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Tell me are you 100% operational is it pplns

yes, everything is resolved now!
pool is based on NOMP, wich system is PROP…

To get our pool started and attract some miners, i will pay all the miners that join and pm me their adress
15% extra on their earnings untill 26/12

Lets give that server some work, lets bring him down!!

Is this based on GitHub - nullcell/zcash-stratum-pool: High performance ZCash Stratum poolserver in Node.js

Have you tested payouts and block verification on testnet? I wasn’t able to get this software to generate a correct block when I was testing it out. Perhaps you made updates to this open source project?

its based on z-nomp…

Ahh ty, I see this project is more active. GitHub - z-classic/z-nomp: z-nomp is mining pool software for Zcash and Zclassic so you can create internet money in your home!

c’mon people point your miners there and test our pool, i will extend the 15% period…
0% fee
15% extra payment

keep getting authentication errors.
it finds a share. the pool rejects it and i get disconnected from the pool

are you there , pm me when you are
then we can look into this…

maybe you took too high diff port??

We found our first zclassic block, come and mine some zcash or zclassic blocks at our pool!!

I have a cpu miner connected to your zcash port 3032 and is hashing. does not show up on stats
update: been connected for 30 min now, no stats


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zcl found block?..congrats… :slight_smile: