Moderation feedback

Thanks for clarifying, I had not read your DM when I posted that.

To be clear, and if anything, I made sure I said there was no way Jason was doing anything wrong.

So it is literally you who’s “ascribing malintent to my actions without evidence”

“Rules for thee but nor for me”, amirite?

So flag that one post, why would you flag all the others?

Could you point out where exactly is it that I “ascribed malintent to others’ actions without evidence” in the other posts tat you flagged and hid?

Because if you can’t, then it is you who is ascribing malintent to my actions without evidence, which as you implied, should not be tolerated in this forum.

It’s clear to anyone reading these posts who you’re talking about. Barely-veiled accusations of malintent are still accusations of malintent. Without evidence, they constitute a personal attack, which is clearly prohibited by the Code of Conduct.

The CoC also prohibits derailing topics. You were warned to stop arguing about moderation in the “Expanding ZCAP” topic. You chose to continue to do so. Therefore, you have been suspended.


As for this matter, I would say that it is very important we all understand that moderation is both necessary and difficult. Therefore if something is indeed against the Community Code of Conduct, then it should be removed.

Now, as part of the things we could/should decentralize [0], we could also look into doing that with the moderation. Whether or not there is bias in the moderation decisions, if the moderators are from the Zcash Foundation, there will always be a suspicion of it, which isn’t optimal. Projects such as Kleros Moderate [1] could be helpful here.

If it is not clear yet, I truly believe that we need to leverage existing projects that are pushing society in a direction compatible with our values, which is why I have also pushed for Matrix, Mastodon, etc.

[1] Kleros Moderate: Decentralized Content Moderation for Web3 Communities

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Woah… the Zcash Foundation’s Executive Director is coming down hard on posts…

I’m new here but I am happy about the moderation so far. If anything I would possibly make it more strict about the financial value aspect. Actually I’ll suggest this: locking financial talks to a specific category of the forum, so every other thread can be enjoyable to read again.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Which one of you nerds flagged me?

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When this happens, is it flagged by users or by the moderator?

Edit: The first post doesn’t violate any rule IMO.

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It’s surprising (but nowadays less so) to see posts hidden on this forum, given that it serves as a space for the Zcash community to interact. The very essence of Zcash emphasizes on decentralization and censorship resistance, making this situation a tad ironic.

To quote @zooko:

You can’t have decentralization, censorship resistance, self sovereignty, ownership of your own stuff without privacy.

Ah, open dialogue! Remember when that was a thing? Whether or not it tickled your sensibilities or made you clutch your pearls. In any case, seems like Zcash decided to take a scenic route away from the straight path it once flaunted to its ever-faithful bagholders.

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Out of topic, but IMO, when flagging a post hides it from everyone, anonymously, this creates too much censorship. There should be a way to upvote and downvote. Posts should not be deleted just because someone disagrees with it.


Auto-flagging is a feature of the Discourse software, and a very useful one, in my opinion: What happens when you flag a post - users - Discourse Meta

Posts that are flagged (including those that are automatically hidden) are added to the moderation review queue, and the moderators then have various options, including rejecting the flag (and un-hiding the post), keeping the post hidden, deleting it, etc.