Monero HardFork Follow Up (70% Hashrate Drop Calculated... FOR NOW)

It’s still too early to make correct assumptions on how much hashrate “disappeared” form the hard fork, since their hashrate is based on calculations of the difficulty witch will be calibrated in the next 24 hours (global hashrate based on last 740 blocks).

Not to consider global hashrate since it’s getting higher for the fact less blocks are being mined.

What we can see to have an idea on how much hashrate dropped is from pools directly, here are some screenshots:
SupportXMR from 50 Mh to 22 Mh

MoneroHash Vault from 4 Mh to 2Mh 7 Mh to 2.2 M/h
Nano pool 58k to 28k

I found this scrypt on reddit, it can be executed in browser console on page to get some more estimates.

var timestamps = ; var blockTimes = ; var averageBlockTime = 0; var elems = document.getElementsByClassName(‘col-xs-5 col-sm-3 col-md-2’); for(var i in elems) if(elems[i].innerText && elems[i].innerText.indexOf(‘2018’)==0) timestamps.push(Date.parse(elems[i].innerText)); for(var i=0; i<timestamps.length-1; i++) if(timestamps[i]>0) { blockTimes.push((timestamps[i]-timestamps[i+1])/(1000)); averageBlockTime+=blockTimes[blockTimes.length-1];} var averageBlockTime = averageBlockTime/blockTimes.length; console.log('average block time over last ’ + blockTimes.length + ’ blocks (secs): ’ + parseInt(averageBlockTime)); console.log('estimated hash rate (Mh/s) over last ’ + blockTimes.length + ’ blocks: ’ + parseInt((1135/averageBlockTime)1.755102040860));


Still many miners havn’t updated their software and all js scripts and botnet scripts are being updated… I would consider global hashrate from a week from now to calculate a more reliable impact of ASIC (we will never get a precise percentage here), but for now I’m pretty struck from this hardfork, I would’nt have ever thought of such a crazy drop in global hashrate :open_mouth:


It’s a huge drop no matter how you slice it.

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And some of us who want to switch can’t yet because not all miners have been updated to the v7 algo. Ccminer is one I used and has not been updated. Claymore has for amd, plus a few other amd. But many of us nvidia are left out. Know any good nvidia miners that have been updated? I wonder if nicehash and simpleminer have been changed for nvidia. I am thinking of switching to simpleminer.

there are a couple of nvidia miners in that thread

Difficulty is dropping very fast and nodes are reporting already 25% decrease. Many are calculating a little less then 200Mh/s for final results, if that is true thats more than 80% less hashrate than before!

I would…

I was totally expecting this significant of a drop. Those of us who have been consistently in the market for GPU’s over the past several months have known how GPU’s have been hard to come by. It made no sense at all to me how the hash rate for XMR continued rising the way it did despite the fact that so few GPU’s were available anymore.

If Ethereum developers were to do the same, we would see a similar drop in hash rate; as I’m certain Bitmain has been mining with the E3 since at least December if not sooner. Probably since September.

Bitmain intends to replace their E3’s (180 MH/s) with F3’s (1,500 MH/s) and sell the E3’s “AS NEW” to everyone else. That’s the norm for Bitmain.

The reason for all those projects is because of ASIC’s. One of them controlled by Bitmain essentially (-classic) and another arguing for ASIC’s ( Classic ). There isn’t a financial disclosure provided so the classic people may be involved with Bitmain. It is much better to fork and prevent ASIC’s in the first place. That way the community doesn’t get divided.