17Ksol/s worth of hashing power

Hi guys. Can anyone here possibly also be mining ZEC with approx 17Ksols of hashing power? I’m looking to do pool comparison of actual real-world rewards.

I’ve been working(mining) on Nanopool, going on for 5 days, now. I’ve been there before also, with mixed results. I thought I’d give them another solid attempt at a couple of ZEC coin completions. WhatToMine calculates my 17Ksols with 1% pool fee to be approximately 0.28zec per 24hr period. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing this. I’m getting at best 0.25zec per 24hr period and it’s actually looking worse for the last 24hr period. I was hoping my hash rate would produce in the real world on par with what WTM calculates 17Ksols to produce at. What can we say about WTM’s calculations? Conservative? Liberal? Should I switch pools? I believe I’ve tried them all with mixed results, none of which seem to produce on par. I believed Nano was getting the closest, but now I’m not so sure. Nano’s account page has readouts for your averaging hashing over time periods, mine is sitting at a solid 17.1 most of the time, sometimes higher for 24hr periods. Where is my 0.03zec/24hr being siphoned off to? This is a small amount at first sight but adds up over time. instead of 7 days to make 1 ZEC, it’s going to take 8+ days. That’s $21 extra in electricity every 8 days for one coin, and that’s if it will even make one coin in 8 days.

whattomine calculations fluctuate regularly as does difficulty and global hashrate. And there is also variance. In some smaller pools it becomes like lottery.
I dunno how exact those whattomine calculations are. But mining profit recently went up in the crypto universe with more coins to mine and price increases.
Your numbers seem similar like mines did on flypool but only at 1/10th of your Sols.

But I am mining all sorts of coins now. Last days I mined FTC. Still learning.

Hey totally appreciate the reply. Thanks. Well, do you think that a pool like Flypool (the only 51%+ zec pool out there or the next one down ?? Nova?) would give rewards LESS than what WTM calculates? I was always under the impression from many reviews that WTM was usually under calculating rewards. I have yet to see that from my mining experience. That said, Flypool seems to play the LOYALTY game. I’ve been mining on there for ZEC, now for four days. Each day is gradually increasing in rewards given for my given hashrate with them. It takes a few perfect hashing days to see a leveled out MAX hashrate with them and others like Novapool. Unfortunately, Nova never came above 0.25zec/24hr for 17Ksols. Now Flypool seems to be more accurate and/or honest about my actual hashrate of 16.650Ksols, that’s what my machines actually total up to on average. Still, 16.6Ksols makes on average 0.26 - 0.28ZEC/24hrs. Being in a 51% majority pool, you would think you would get an "amplification of hashing power and the rewards would be on par with WTM if not better.