Monero versus Zcash Development

All, I have a question: can someone comment on the overall scale and speed at which Zcash’s development efforts compare to Monero’s development efforts?

We have three organizations and a team of world class developers all funded by the development fund so it would seem like we should have a real competing advantage over other privacy focused projects like Monero from a development perspective. Is this accurate?

Feedback would be appreciated.


Zcash (not including Zebra) Github Activity:

Monero Github Activity:



This metric isn’t very meaningful. By this measure, Bitcoin is #78, and mask network is #3. It just means there are changes being made.

The quality of the changes are more important imo.


Ciphertrace did claim to be able to trace monero transactions in 2020, good cryptographers understand that security is first and foremost and honestly I dont consider the Zcash project to be in any meaningful competition with monero, bitcoin or ethereum. You can seemingly group it all up as ‘crypto’ but personally I think its a marketing tactic that just slowly negates the meaning of the word and everything labeled under it.


Both are poles apart. Tech wise there is no comparison between the two. I consider monero at par with any other bitcoin mixer, these mixers and monero will eventually get cracked.