The competition

dash doesn’t seem to me like competition. monero does though.

How does Monero achieve consensus among its users? And fund its own development and infrastructure? How many people use (or even know of) Monero vs Dash?

I’ll be very happy if Zcash equals or betters the progress Dash has made in two and a half years.

DASH (formerly Dark Coin) may have a higher price on the market, but this is rather to “smart” price manipulation through binding of DASH to masternodes, which also function as some kind of coin mixers. Although DASH made a lot of progress marketing wise, I see Monero more like competition. Disclaimer: I also do own some Monero.

The question which remains is: Will Zcash be able to deliver fast and quality development? This is where Monero has been struggeling, the users are waiting since months and years for a simple GUI wallet. As there is a funded company behind Zcash I would expect more and smart, coordinated marketing plus enough funds for ongoing development. The minus point is in this case the same like plus point: There is a company behind Zcash. So in order to suceed it has to win full support and trust by the users, who hand over their privacy protection to the developer team.

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Any thoughts on this coin? Could it be competition?

Dogecoin without the humour?