Monitor the status of your zcash Node with zcashd-status

Hi everybody,

I have made a quick fork of bitcoin-status for Zcash.
It allows you to monitor your node stats (see incoming/outgoings connections).
Also tested on MacOS Siera.

Available here:zcashd-status


Looks interesting - could it track accepted/rejected shares as well?

It is basically only made for full node, not really for mining software. However, if you have a mining full node, it could be modified to display the number of validated tx and blocks found.

Thank you @Quent17 !
We implemented your zcashd-status to monitor our French:fr: node :

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Glad it helped @Le_Bleu :slight_smile:

I have a similar project, intended for use with Prometheus, a monitoring system and time-series database.

zcash-monitor is a Prometheus exporter written in Python, intended to run alongside zcashd. Here’s the code: Prometheus exporter for monitoring statistics of Zcash daemon · GitHub

It tracks stuff like: block height, difficulty, number of peers, network solutions per second, errors, mempool size, size of recent blocks, number of transactions within blocks, chaintips, total bytes received and sent, transaction inputs and outputs, and the make-up of transactions meaning # of JoinSplits, shielded, unshielded or mixed. These Zcash metrics are refreshed once every 2 minutes.

The page is empty now.