Monitor zcashd hash rate in daemon mode

I have zcashd running in daemon mode. Is there a command I can run which would tell me the current sol/s my server is achieving similar to what would be displayed in foreground-mode with showmetrics enabled? This would be critical to monitoring the efficiency of my mining servers.

There are some answers on other topics suggesting running the benchmark tool but that is not what I am looking for.

You can always start in non-daemon with the graphics, leave it running and open another terminal to run commands for zcashd and zcash-cli.

Thanks, Shawn. This is along the lines of what I’ve been doing so far. My only issue with this approach is want to monitor 100+ servers constantly. I need something that can output to scripts and ultimately to my alerting software.

when you run zcashd -daemon but have equihashsolver=tromp in the zcash.conf file, is it running tromp’s solver or the default solver?

@zawy the -daemon tag just allows Zcashd to run in the background freeing up that terminal to use for other commands. It does not change anything that you have set in your configuration file.

Thanks. How come zcash-cli getinfo does not work unless I used the -daemon option? I mean, how can I verify that I am actually mining if zcash-cli does not work?

Are you sure you are in the correct folder to run commands for zcash-cli when you open a second terminal window? (assuming that you just started the zcashd in one terminal and can see the Z :heart: graphic)

You still need to be in zcash folder to run commands in the second terminal

Yes, I am opening a new terminal and running the command as always.

It looks like maybe it is because running zcashd does not give you any warning if the network is disconnected unless you noticed that your transaction validations have slowed down. That might have something to do with it. It’s like the miner stops from no connections, but there is no error message.

It may be, I have been running the graphic + second terminal without issues, and even run the GUI wallet at the same time. If it just give no error, it may have stopped, if it throws an error let me know what it is

I seem to have network trouble. I just need to keep monitoring getinfo with a script to throw my own error message for when the network goes down.

I can’t run nhequiminer optimization of tromps because my i5 CPUs are a little too old, 3rd generation.

There is an open pull request to add this information to getmininginfo so it would be easy to monitor in daemon mode. You could merge it into your own code if you wanted but otherwise you’ll have to wait: