Motherboard Acrylic Offsets

Hey all,

This is an un-solicited (he didn’t ask me to post this) plug for a product that has, that I think is pretty cool.

The issue was that I was trying to find a better way to raise my motherboards off of racks. The foam padding that came with the motherboards felt temporary and I wanted something stable that I could more easily move around during rig maintenance time. I also didn’t want to buy a fully enclosed case.

The solution was an acrylic base with offsets:

The price is actually less than the cost to make these myself, not even including time: $15 each and it comes with the offsets. Not sure how this is so cheap but it’s pretty awesome.

Once again, no benefit/kickbacks from plugging this and wasn’t asked to do so. I just think others with motherboards directly on racks might want something sturdy like this.

If anyone else has products like this that were helpful for their setup, feel free to plug here. Knowledge share!



++++ @cryptomined
quality and service is simply great!

These product is another example of how dedicated this team is!

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Thanks John
We can also get custom cuts made if someone was to want 10 or more pieces and had a layout designed.

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