My First Rig Build 1080 Ti GPUs

same here, try another OC software before investigating on PSU
my config: 6x 1080TI Extreme @ 85% TPD = 1420W (wattmeter)

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Will investigate. Thanks

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Dont know if this thread is dead or not, but I have had pretty good luck running three 1000w gold evga power supplies per 8 cards. I run the components + 2 cards on one, then three cards on each of the two remaining. Vega 64’s too. I think they are at about 250-300w per card so similar to the 1080ti? So a bit more expensive but works. I killawat meter is usually showing right under 1000w per power supply.

Only GTX 1080ti Now 80% power

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I think most miners would prefer to reduce power somewhat to increase efficiency. And I think you can get away with fewer PSUs than you suggest.

I’m running 8x 1080ti cards on one EVGA 1300W gold and one 1000W gold. Power reduced to 85-90% for a total of 1800W for the GPUs (225W per card) + system. The biggest problem was the lack of VGA outputs/cables on the PSU, and I had to buy some extra 6+8 power cables off ebay.

I Buy EVGA 1600w and connect 5x GTX 1080ti and undervolt 80% 180/208w everything take 1070w.

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Hi, nice rig! I am building a similar rig. Which risers did you use?
I’m aware that for the 1080ti, you shouldn’t use Molex to SATA connectors because they will burn out.



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Hey, where did you buy this case? Really liked!

Here :slight_smile: very good case

Hey, I’m talking about the one in the picture, I liked the closed ones, not open air. Can you tell me? Thanks!

Good case but too much Fan noise

Great info. Definately following. About to start my first GPU build and my S9 is on the way too :slight_smile:

@Sprucemoose - Indeed. People seem to think that gpu’s consume huge amounts of energy. In fact, wattage is way lower compared to gaming load, e.g a 1070 ti could easily be at 170-180w during gaming, whereas with mining, you can reduce wattage to circa 115w with ±500 sols.

I’m running 6 x 1070ti with a 850w psu just fine. The total consumption of the rig is about 730 - 750w.

They do consume huge amounts of energy, that isn’t an opinion, that isn’t speculation, that is a fact.

Wattage is not way lower compared to a gaming load. Most gamers are online 8 to 12 hours a day playing ( I know that number might be a little low, but I am basing that number on me) and the GPU(s) (what you can’t game with only one GPU that’s sacrilege!) does not run at 100% max load every single minute. Whereas a mining rig is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. and before you bring back up that you can reduce the voltage, well you can do the same thing under a gaming theme, you will take a FPS hit, just like you take a H/s hit.

As for the fact that you are running 6 1070TI’s on a SINGLE 850w PSU, (cough) HOW?
6 risers = at bare minimum and I do mean bare -150w
Mobo/CPU/HD/fan = @ bare minimum 100w
850w - 250w = leave 600w
That means you are running each 1070ti at 100w or less and this leave zero room for power fluctuations
oh wait! you said you use between 730w-750w, let me redo this.
@ 750w - 250w for mobo and risers = 500w for 6 1070ti’s which means you are doing 83w per 1070ti

I I would absolutely love to see screenshots of your O/C settings, H/s, and pictures of your voltage/power meter because you sir have the most efficient rig I have ever heard of.
I have several friends that would love to use your setup and reduce their energy footprint.

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Hey man. I can post pics of my stats later, but for now you just have to take my word for it.


MB: Asus z270-p
CPU: Celeron g3930
GPU: 6 x 1070 ti Inno3d

Risers don’t consume almost any power at all. Fans don’t consume almost any power at all. My MB (+ other components) and CPU together consume around 30-50w. The 1070ti efficiency fluctuates between 4.2 - 4.4 with each having a wattage of 110-115w each. Total consumption is around 750w.

I’ve clocked my gpu’s to:

Power limit: 64%
Temp limit: 66c
CC: +160
MC: +660
Fan speed: 45

You make some strange assumptions in your post… If your mobo/cpu/hd/fans take 100w at a bare minimum, it doesnt mean that mine do. Together with the question of riser wattage this makes all the difference - hence I can run 6 x 1070ti’s with a 850w PSU.

you are going to get so many posts about that line… maybe I can stop a few

Risers most absolutely use and consume power. That statement alone from you leads one to believe you are making strange assumptions. Power cables would not melt, risers burn up, and rigs catch on fire due to power supplied to risers if that wasn’t the case.
There are white papers on this forum about proper cable usage because of the amount of watts going to risers and the connections used. Pictures on this forum showing wattage used on risers while mining.

If you say you are doing this you are doing it, and I’m asking you to show us how. Help save the planet!

The facts on your specs though are these:
Your cpu uses 28.8w idle, the cpu fan uses 2.5w on idle cooling, your board itself is between 50w to 68w, then there is low end Ram which uses 0.6w to 0.8w per gb, and a 7200rpm HD uses avg. 5w Idle to avg 11w in use - facts
I do not know what your hard drive, and I don’t know what your RAM type is so I can’t give you exact stats on it just averages, but combined I feel comfortable saying 100w minimum for mobo/cpu/Hd/fan(s)/ram. I still stand by the riser power usage of MINIMUM of 25w each to 50w, best practice is to spec 50w

I’ll pull my 2 1070ti’s out of the rig the are in this weekend and run them solo with these settings and see the wattage usage.
Thank you for sharing and if you want to share a picture of the at the wall wattmeter that would be amazing.


I am planning to build my first Rig, Rig configuration is,
Processor: G4560 3.5 GHZ
HDD: Kingston SSD 120 GB
PSU: EVGA G3 1000 WATT x 2
GPU: ASUS ROG Strix 1080 TI 11 GB OC x 6

My question is,
2 x 1000 PSU is enough for 6 GPU?
How to connect the power of GPU?,
in GPU 2 8 pin power connector, have to give connection both or one is enough.
If both means, this 2 x PSU is not enough for 6 GPU’s.
Other question is,
If single is enough means, how to do the gpu power connection?

What are the 6 GPU’s? 6 1080ti’s at stock or over clocked, no. Under clocked by 75% or more - yes

Yes you must use / power (both) whatever the GPU requires.

1200w + gpus come with more plugins, you can also go to the OEM website and order additional cables

I’m able to run 6x 1080 Ti’s with 2 Seasonic 1000w supplies easily if the cards are set to 90% power, +600 memory and +100 core. The cards draw about 225 watts each at that setting and give me around 750 sols/sec. The power draw at the all is 780 Watts for the the system and 3 cards and 700 watts for the other 3 cards. I have a Kill-o-watt to monitor both power supplies and it’s very consistent. All temps are below 60C at this time of year.

My 2x 1080Ti runs around 550-580 Watts using a 750 Watt Corsair supply. Once again the cards are at 90% power, +600 memory and +100 core. The temps are low to mid-50C since there is a lot more open space.

The problem you will have is those cards are power hogs and require 2 * 8 pin connections. I prefer the Evga SC2 or SC Black models that use the 8 + 6 pin and draw around 225 W each. The ones you have at 90% power will be closer to 270 Watts each.