My First Rig Build 1080 Ti GPUs

Hi Guys,

This is my first build (definitely not my last), I am starting with 2 1080Ti’s and then adding until I have 8 GPUs. The parts are listed in this link It says the rig will be around 636 Watts. I am getting a 750 Watt PSU so I am not sure if I should get two PSUs now or later.

Any advice is helpful. Thanks!

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If you are going to add up to 8 gpu’s, you will need 2 (2000w) or 3 (1600w) psu’s. The 750w psu you have will only run 1 1080ti and the system, it WILL NOT run two 1080ti’s. a 1080ti mining will draw around 400w each, even if you are going to underclock you still do not have enough power with the 750w.

To save yourself time and money, get the largest one you can afford, with a 1600w you can run 3 - 1080ti’s and the mobo and risers. You will need a 2nd 1600 psu to run 3 more, more than 3 and you exceed the efficiency of the psu. OR your 2nd can be a 2000w psu and you can run 4 1080ti’s

Oh wow I really did not consider mining’s increase of power consumption over gaming. I will get 2 1600w psu’s to start off with. Then I will add another 1600w psu once I get my 7th 1080ti. Thanks @CitricAcid , really appreciate it.

Yes you need more power supply for sure.

Er no offence citricacid - but if you are using 400w per card you are doing something really wrong!!

What kind of measurements have you done with 1080ti coz they are way higher what I get with mine.

I get the following per 1080ti:
124w @ 473sols
148w @ 598sols
176w @ 642sols
198w @ 685sols
224w @ 721sols
249w @ 734sols
286w @ 769sols

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Did you run into any problems overclocking the 1080 ti to mine 769 sols?

No not really I’ve tried all of the above using different power and clock settings and all seem stable. 769sol was at +200 core +650 mem and 120 power card at 70c - it’s good for speed but bad for efficiency as it uses a lot of extra watts to get those few extra sols.

Running now at 148w @ 598sols as it’s the best efficiency and card at 55c and 43 fan very quiet.

the 1080 ti is best card you can buy as long as your willing to stump up the purchase cost.

Sorry to ask, what 1080 ti brand do you have? And/or which is the best to buy? I’m gonna buy them, finally got the courage to do it lol

I do not own any 1080 ti’s so I am forced to look at all of the sites that have tested 1080 ti’s. and a maxed out power use of this card, per 5 different sites that tested it, all say at 100% capacity it pulls 390w to 403w.

You own one, and if you say the above is your measurements, then okay.

Ah thought as much. Using gaming reviews with furmark is not a good way of guessing mining performance.

Single algorithm mining doesn’t max out the card though that’s what you got to remember. Maybe running claymore dual miner and mining eth and sia or something would get nearer your figures. I don’t dual mine I don’t want the extra heat or electricity.

Not sure where you are getting your numbers. My GTX 1080 ti cards draw exactly 258 watts @ 740Sol/S each. You can pull higher watts if you want, but its just money down the drain.

That looks about the same as what I am getting.

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GTX 180 ti card draw about 260 watts each if you set them up right. The biggest issue with the GTX 1080 is needing both an 8 AND a 6 pin connector. That means a 1300 Watt EVGA PSU can only run 3 cards unless you use splitter/adapters. I like to run my PSU’s in the sweet spot for efficiency (in the end, its all about Hash/watt), so I always over buy on the PSU. For a 7 GTX 1080 GPU rig I use one 1600 watt and one 1300 watt. 8 GPU’s would be nice (with two 1600 Watt), and I have that working, but its so close to 20 amps that it can trip the main breaker, so not ideal.

How about the version of the 1080Ti? FTW3 or AORUS?

The 1080 Ti’s only take 250-285 Watts at 100% power settings (can underclock).

In order to get 5 of these working I had to update and modify my BIOS. You may not need to depending on the motherboard. Right now this machine is running 5x EVGA 1080 ti all-in-one water cooled cards is pulling 1420 watts from the wall and getting 3,471 Sol/s. Which is about 2.44 Sol/watt. I’m testing to optimize this, but this is with the default stock card settings. I got the water cooled to reduce noise and increase longevity of the cards.

One note: EVGA doesn’t support more than 4 cards for manual fan overrides. If you use more than 4 cards you’re stuck with EVGAs default fan temp-arc settings, which IMOH are not aggressive enough to stay as cool as I would like it to be. With manual control of both the blower and the radiator fans I can safely pull 720-730 on these cards. MSI afterburner works with more than 4 cards but the fan control settings don’t seem to work at all for the blower fans. If anyone has any other ideas to control both fans please share the knowledge. I’ve tried SpeedFan and Corsair Link and neither worked.

Hope this helps.

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If it’s anything like 1080 ti the stock clocks are inneficient, set power limit to 60-80% and overclock core +100 to 200mhz and mem + 400 600 and should get up to 4 sol/w?

Try these settings see how you get on. the water cards should rock harder than mine as is air cooled. This is my single TI gaming rig as I like to screw around and can work out watt readings accurate as I know the rig inside and out. the watt readings the mining software gives is 95-99% accurate believe it or not!

I’ll give this a try, thanks

Are you able to post some stats for other hashes too? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, so I actually just started building a 1080ti rig as well after doing some research. I picked up a 1000W evga PSU thinking it’d be enough to handle 3 1080ti cards w/ a 7700k.

Was I wrong? Unless the cards actually DO draw 400w each I should be fine with the 1000 W PSU.

I haven’t set it all up yet, so if I need more power I can always go exchange the PSU.