My intended method for ZEC to USD

Good afternoon, all!

I have been actively combing the forums, trying to figure out the most reliable way to cash out a bit of my Zcash for USD. I think I have figured out what I want to do, but I wanted to get some feedback from more experienced traders ahead of executing.
I should say upfront that I am most concerned with reliability, and much less preoccupied with fees (assuming they’re not exorbitant…).

Up to now, I have kept my ZEC in either a Linux based local wallet, or a Trezor hardware wallet (successful test transfer complete).

I am planning on sending ZEC to BITTREX for ZEC/BTC conversion, and then onto COINBASE. for conversion to fiat. COINBASE seems to have a good reputation, but exchanges used for ZEC/BTC seem much less reliable (lots of horror stories regarding Poloniex and Kraken, it seems).

Does this seem like a reasonably safe route? How can I make it better?

Thank you for your consideration and assistance.

I myself deposit my mining into Poloniex, convert it to BTC, then send it to coinbase. I then take the BTC and deposit it into my bank account.

Having said that, Poloniex is down again (ZEC wallet) for yet another unknown reason, although it could be a legit upgrade this time. I’ve used bittrex and looked at a few more, but Poloniex for all its flaws is the nicest one (for me) as far as prices/fees/speed go.

Also, BTC transfer that start with Poloniex arrive at their destination with the speed of the wind even though their transfer fee/miner payment is low. My group of friends think they made a deal with the devil to accomplish this. Regardless of any deals with El Diablo, its nice to see your funds arrive quickly.

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we have close to no ZEC-USD infrastructure (a huge problem). kraken is prolly best, imo.

I’ve had no issues using changelly for zec->eth, then using gemini for eth->usd

Kraken’s fees are obscene. I won’t use them again.

Has anyone ever used any of the debit cards? Load either ZCash directly (Uquid) or load your debit card with cash from a sale of ZEC? Seem really convenient since most transactions nowadays are via a credit/debit card any way, right? They even allow, in some cases, $1,000 daily ATM withdrawals. Or am I missing something about that type of service to cash out?