How to exchange ZEC for physical FIAT, and withdraw it?

Ok guys. I’ve kept most of my ZEC secure in an offline wallet, but I have 5 ZEC on Bitfinex for trading, which I have been comfortably doing successfully.

Now I actually want to withdraw some FIAT to pay some bills… and I’m reading all this scary stuff about USD Tethers (used by Bitfinex) that can’t actually be converted to real currency. I haven’t yet gone through the verification process to withdraw FIAT from the exchange, but I’ve been reading that it’s pointless anyway because I won’t get my dollars/Euros.

Can anyone on here tell me the best and easiest way to convert ZEC to real money please? I’m starting to get a little itchy here. At some point soon I was going to be looking at selling most of my ZEC to pay off my Rig completely, but if this cannot be done then I’m not really sure what to do!

You could use coinbase. Let me know how the US tax thing go’s.

believe kraken is our only ZEC/USD exchange.

also, cex io (i think)

You cannot use Kraken in New York and Washington States.

I see Kraken are on the Tether website as partners. Does this not mean they are using Tethers as well?

For the record I’m in the UK so US tax laws don’t apply to me, and my best path to cash out (I presume) would be ZEC > USD > GBP.

i believe they do have a USDT/ZEC trading pair, but also has a real USD/ZEC, and ZEC/GBP pair. site’s not terrible if you sell weekly/monthly.

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Coinbase and Gdax (Gdax is coinbase but with lower fees)

I’ve done 3 transactions each just under the limit of what the banks must report to the IRS, and the $USD funds were in my account within 4 business days

First time though I was sweating like a prostitute in church, whew


Or shapeshift to ether and sell on Gemini.

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UK => EXMO but you need to fill in KYC/AML unlike BFX…

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I am from Hong Kong…
i have about 12ZEC… I want to cash out…
and I just find no company can accept ZEC depsoit and then use Bank Transfer to Hong Kong…

Yes… I find some company accept BTC and withdrawn via T/T
but I found so many horrible experience on those company
I registered at Cryptopay but they no longer issue Bitcoin credit card to NON Europe country…

So… any hints??

Best Regards,
Joe :frowning:

Real money? Surely you mean government fiat funny money… The original shitcoin.

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Currency is a tool, and he needs a different tool for something


method 1:

ZEC → ETH → coinbase → USD → checking account

method 2:

someone ready to buy ZEC from you for cash

If EUR are an option, anycoin direct is a nice option in the EU I used.

those company support worldwide before but limited to Europe Union only in these few months…
anti-money laundering probably…

I use to send my cryptos to my banks via Sepa transfer.
No issues at all, 1% fee per transaction.

Check out new exchange. Site is starting with BTC ETH BCH XRP ZEC DASH direct fiat deposit.

I think your best option will be to first convert ZEC to BTC or ETH using shapeshift or changelly. Then sell that BTC/ETH to someone on or It is super easy and takes about 1-2 hours max.
I personally use this method. But you have to pay TXNS fees while transferring between different wallets. Also, the rate on localbitcoins or ethereum will vary from the market rate.