My troubled motherboards

Ok I know I always post about issues with my rigs and… Yeah I have issues again. Does everyone else have issues with LGA1150 boards? I’m currently using a ASRock H81 BTC pro r2.0 and the Biostar TB85. Are there less issues with the newer LGA1151 boards? At this point I know the issue is either my board or my crappy risers. Once I finally get the rig “stable” after like a week of solid mining I get issues with the miner crashing and instability. Thoughts?

are you overclocking or stock

All stock. I had undervolted an r9 390 but reverted the changes. I reinstalled the drivers (using AMDs blockchain drivers) and it will run for ~10 minutes and then crashes. One card isnt being detected also. Temps never exceeded 70 btw. I tried reinstalling windows also and it made the issue worse. At least before It was detecting all 6 cards before it would crash lol

What is your PSU wattage and 6 gpu’s?

3 R9 280x’s and a GTX 980 on a 1300 Watt psu and 1 R9 280x and a R9 390 on a 750 Watt PSU.

Edit: I also uninstalled NVidia drivers and removed the 980 from the rig and it is still very unstable

I realize this will be of limited value, but I purchased 2x ASUS Z-270-A boards back in mid-2017. I encountered some difficulties getting everything setup initially (they were my first rigs, so 4G Decoding and appropriate PCI-E settings were foreign to me), but after getting those small matters sorted out, the boards have done well, to the point where internet drop-out is typically the limiting factor these days.

I have 2 rigs: Rig 1 is a 7x 1080 Ti configuration while the other is a 5x 1080 Ti. I run Windows 10 and use EWBF 0.3.4b.

Obviously, issues like the ones you’re having are complex; there are a lot of variables involved. All you can do is devise a strategy and systematically eliminate the potential problems one by one.

Tell us a little more about how your system is failing. You comment that “the miner crashes”…how is it crashing (i.e., why is your miner terminating? -a single card failure or multiple, simultaneous crashes…or is your computer system encountering a critical error that forces a reboot of the OS?).

Another diagnostic tool that I will use is HW INFO ( ). This program (which I run in SENSORS ONLY mode) affords you great insight into, among other things, how well power regulation/modulation to your cards is being handled by your PSUs. You indicate that you’ve ruled out PSU involvement, but it never hurts to do a second check.

If your OS is crashing out, Blue Screen View ( ) is another program that might be of use. I’m still very much a novice with regards to computer software (and hardware, really), but this program allowed me to at least glean basic information from the dump files which your computer produces when it crashes that can be informative when trying to uncover sources of instability.

Also, do you have any idea what your power draw at the wall is? I use this device, but there are several models available that you could make use of ( ).

It will usually mine for a bit then it will crash. When I say crash I mean the whole screen freezes up and the whole computer is unresponsive with the only way to do anything is power it off with the power button. I’ll check out those tools! Thanks a bunch to the both of you for the help. I’ll take a look at my bios settings to see my PCIe setting and 4G Decoding settings. I’m pretty sure PCIe is set to GEN1 though. Its likely just a dead riser I think but It seems like these older boards are nothing but trouble for me.

One last thing, @ValuelessTable…don’t forget to make use of Task Manager (CTL-ALT-DEL --> Open Task Manager). HW INFO tracks this information, too, but my point here is that you have an easy method of tracking how your total system resources (CPU Power, RAM, and DISK) are being utilized. Naturally, if your system, while mining, is operating at or near maximum resource consumption, that, too, could be part of the issue.

Sounds good. I’ll do some digging and if I get things fixed I will post my troubleshooting method so others can follow if they have similar issues. Does anyone have experience with both lga1150 mobos and lga1151 mobos? Any significant improvement over the upgrade? I was thinking about upgrading to a ASRock H110 BTC board.

I havent touched my 4G Decoding setting. Do you recommend this be on?

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I found this article about recommended settings for the Biostar board I have. I’ll report back if this works.

Had same issue and with me it was bad ram. Changed it out and everything went back to normal

I figured out I had three dead risers! haha but still the question remains. Would it be worth it to upgrade to a lga 1151 mobo? Maybe I’m just wanting it to play with the new tech (new to me)… I wonder if its not as much the mobo type but its just the risers I’m using. I am going to order some good Explomos risers and try them out.

I have been running a biostar TB85 for nearly a year and it’s solid. Random freezes can imply hardware trouble, especially dead GPUs or risers. Riser quality varies. Expect to replace them.

If I suspect hardware trouble, I use the mining software to stop using one card at a time to see if the issues is corrected. Once I home in on a possible suspect I pull it and test on a test pc. If it happens again, then either the GPU or riser is dead.

If it’s software, I just wipe the HDD and reinstall the OS…a “Syswipe”, if you will.

EDIT: I also have miners with the Biostar TB250 BTC motherboards and like them better since 1151 CPUs are much cheaper than 1150 ones :smiley:

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My risers are all around a year-year and a half old so I guess it should be no surprise they are all kicking the bucket. Good to know you aren’t having any issues. It must just be a combination of using old cards and junky risers. I just ordered 12 risers and am going to replace all my risers. These ones at least looked kinda quality haha. Also thanks for the tip about the CPU price! For my next rig I’m going to get a newer board like that. I just need to pull one or both of my rigs out of my apartment and move them to a different location. I am at the power limit for my apartment already! :joy:

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Not sure if it helps but we go with Z270 and Z370 series boards and have found them to be easy to configure and mine with 6 to 8 GPUs (depending on how many PCI-e and M.2 slots they have). Here’s the mining rig parts list we use. The BIOS settings are on part 3.

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I like the wire rack you put it on! I’m no longer having any troubles with my motherboard but thanks for the reply! :smiley:

Good to hear :slight_smile: Yeah, the under-$20 wire shelving racks make pretty good open air cases!

Wow! I built two racks for 70 total! 20 bucks a rack would have been really nice. They probably stack pretty nice too!