Can't get new install of ASROCK H81 PRO BTC to work with 6 AMD RX480

I have a new install of Windows 10 with 4gb memory on an ASROCK H81 PRO BTC motherboard. I install each of the GPUS one by one and it will mine up until I connect the six one when it’s connected the computer just reboots in a loop.
I have 2 PSUS 1300w Antec for motherboard and risers and 1200w HP for the PCIe GPUS.
Any help would be great.

I am using Claymore miner

goto your mobo bios and disable sound

Thanks already done… still having trouble

@sweetpuffer same problem here and started when win 10 forced an update few days ago,I had to reinstall windows to get going again but went with win 7 this time since I’m sick of forced updates cause me problems

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Agreed, W10 creators pushed something and the machines I have are only running 5 cards each. Check it out here. :slight_smile: I posted it last week.