- Sleek Web Utility Helping GPU Miners Maximize Profits

Introducing My Crypto Buddy – A brilliantly simple web application that shows GPU miners how much they could earn with their specific hardware by mining various coins.


Highly Configurable yet Simple – Choose from a list of GPUs, or enter your own information and instantly see a ranked list of which coins are most profitable to mine for your selected hardware.

Save and Send your Configuration to Others – No need to enter your hardware specifications twice! You can save your settings, giving you a unique URL that you can either bookmark or send to others. For example, the following URL displays the profitability of the (unreleased) PandaMiner B1+,ZEC&Ethash=237&Equihash=1880&Cryptonote=5890&powerEthash=1250&powerEquihash=1200&powerCryptonote=1120

Historical Profitability Charts – Very often a coin has a temporary drop in difficulty causing it to appear to be the most profitable to mine. By clicking on the coin in the list and another reference coin, you can compare how much you would have earned mining either coin in the past with your selected hardware.

Quick and responsive – No “Submit” or “Calculate” buttons, all the values are calculated and displayed instantly!

Websocket connection for live data

Designed for both computer and mobile

Upcoming Features

This utility is still in early development; there are many more features to come. Please let me know which ones you would like to see first!

  • Add more coins
  • Add more GPUs and update values
  • Bitcoin and other alts price statistics page
  • Add multiple currencies
  • Add variable time frames, currently only shows daily profitability.
  • Create an enhanced mining pool statistics page, an application that allows you to view the status of all your miners from different pools (of one or multiple coins) on a single page and displays the total estimated USD/day earnings based off of the mining speed.
  • Other recommendations?

I am currently adding more video cards to the utility and adjusting the ones already listed to improve the accuracy.

The hardware stat details used by My Crypto Buddy can be found here:

Please share your hardware mining statistics or inform me if you see an inaccurate card listing.

Please tell me which features you would like to see added!

  • More coins added
  • Foreign currencies
  • Variable time frames (Option to view weekly or monthly profitability instead of just daily income)
  • Live multi crypto currency price and network stats page
  • Other (Let me know!)


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A very nice comparison page, but seems to be not working for me. Maybe i should try other browser albeit Firefox.
Lets see Zcash becoming a usable coin.

Can I join in Chinese


Please add Nvidia cards and LBRY coin

Not working you say? I've tested on Firefox and IE, no issues from my end. Could you provide a screenshot?

Hello PWJWAN. Join in Chinese? You mean translate the site, or something else? :slight_smile:

yes 。Hope that many languages

checked today. it isnt working only at my PC at work, since socket is not being connected. works flawlesly on other phones/PCs. thx for the tool.

Ah, could it be on a very old very of Firefox? Or maybe your work's firewall blocks socket connections for some reason. Glad to hear it's working for you normally though :slight_smile: