Zcash mining tools & GPU performance chart

Hello Miners!

I've done this all-in-one zcash mining tools reference page:



Please update your bookmarks. Sorry for the inconvenience. It now has a real domain :slight_smile:

It provides:

  • Mining calculator: simple (for dummies) version, and powerful advance version.
  • GPU Performance chart: mining performance, and energy efficiency chart.
  • NEW: "What to mine": the most profitable altcoin to mine "right now".
  • Reference links: the most useful links on the Internet.

What do you think? What tools would you like to have in this reference page? Would you be interested in a similar page for other coins (Eth, Mon, BTC, other?). Any link you miss in the list?

Any suggestion is very welcome!

Have fun!



Nice job, bookmarked !
The same with ETH and XMR? :wink:

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Hi, I've added some more cards that were missing, an Ethereum calculator, and some usability love. I'm not very familiar with Monero, but if it's used, I'll add a calculator for it too.

Proud Miners

Edit: WARNING: It has a NEW URL! Update bookmarks! sorry for the inconvenience. It now has a real domain :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

very good job congras

Added Monero (XMR) calculator, more GPUs to the chart, and usability improvements, hope you like it! :slight_smile:


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Bravo. Anyone tried GTX Titan?

Nice job on the website! Cool stuff.


There are some improvements to the tools, now it's even easier to use, and have a new section "what to mine, just now", check it out!


Great times for mining Zcash! Have fun!

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