ZEC Nanopool Payment Rounds

Hey guys,

I’m new and currently I’m mining ZEC with EWBF Cuda on Nanopool.

I’m wondering how often does Nanopool execute payments per day.

My minimum payout is currently set to 0.01 but my pending payout is about 0.025. It reached 0.01 about 13h ago.

Does anybody know?

NB: I’m not panicking or trying to raise fear - I’m just curious to know

Same is happening to me today.

Which server are you mining on? I am at eu1.

Same problem here.

There was a red text at the top of state page that said minimum payout is 0.01 , but now i can not see that text and my balance is pending

I think it is not important for payout which server you use for mining

I am on same server.

i stop mining on nanopool till my payout done.
i start to mining on flypool

i got another payout after 24hrs of reaching the minimum. now it is ok again to mine.

On nanopool it happens sometimes that payout transaction gets “stuck”, it doesn’t happend often but what I can assure is that nanopool always payouts regularly and the correct ammount.

(I’m not mining on nanopool right now, but I’ve mined for some months there…)

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thanks.yeah their answer :

Hello Farid,
Thanks for contacting us.

Due to our ZCash wallet maintenance, payouts slowed down approximately for 12 hours.

Please, accept out apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Best regards,
Nanopool team