Need advice 1070gtx or 1080ti

all right folks i m building a new rig and focus of my mining is zcash and sometimes nicehash mineer, electricity is not that cheap at my end, its like 15cent kw/h or 15cents per unit. so i already have one gtx 1070 amp extreme which is at 64tdp (160w) giveing 450 sol/sec,

i m thinking of buying more 1070 amp extreme or go for 1080ti amp extreme

so kindly give me advice should i go for zotac efficiency wise or there r other brands too that use less watt and give best performance in zcash and nicehash miner

If your electricity is expensive, you can use 1070 in a very efficient way, at almost 4.00 sol/w, at about 70 tdp of FE (or 100 w ) the card produces 400 sol.

So it’s 450 sol/s at 160 W, or 400 sol/s at 100 W.

The 1080ti can realistically give you ~ 780 sol/s at ~ 290 W.

So based on these numbers, you can pick what you see fit for you.

thanks for rply, kindly check this, its around 64tdp. and should i move power slide in firestorm to 70% ?

zcash 1070

I suggest to go with 1080TI-s i have 1070 also, but for more future use go with higher end card.

You put everything on default, then drag the power slider until you reach 100 W, then you slightly increase coreclock until you get to or close to 400 sol/s.

You can also play a bit with the memory clock if you feel like it.

EDIT: BTW if firestorm is not a skin for Afterburner, get the msi afterburner, it’s the best (imho) app to OC with as far as I know.

how much sol/s u r getting from that evga 1080ti and watts ?

zcash 1070 2

at 50% getting this tdp. and firestorm is a skin, i will install after burner

@dejavu2016 try with afterburner, some AIB cards have special power requirements, for me, most of my 1070 are 70% TDP are at 100W.

For my 1080ti’s I have them FE, watercooled staying at a breezy 52 C , producing 780 sol/s at 280 W.

i moved slider to 70% and after applying no effect on tdp, its using same power that card uses at 100%, dont know why after burner has no effect

edit: using 50 power limit i m getting this

zcas 1070 3

@dejavu2016 yep, 50% seems to do it for your type of AIB card. close to 4 sol/w is the most efficient you’ll get with the pascal cards as far as I know.

Also, unlink your power and temp target, move the temp target to something like 80, and don’t put auto on the fan, just put it something like 50-80% (depends on how much it cools/the db you can bear to hear)

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I am using 4xMSI 1060 OC 3G, TDP sets to 70% - > 4x65W cclock +150 , mclock +200 and I get 1100 sols for 260-280W with initiate price of cards 1000$. I think that its not bad if u have free pcie slots …

core temp 55-58 with this settings

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Bought cheapest gigabyte 3 fan card and running

Power 65% core +100 memory -500
watt 160 sols 630 s/w 3.93
Temp 45-50 deg

Happy with this settings as power price in UK 0.17 usd :confused:

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