Best Sols to Watt Thread

I Recently had to start paying for Electricity due to relocation so…

What is the Best Sols to Watt you guys are getting on your cards?

I’m Currently Getting ±4 Sols/w with Zotac GTX 1080 Amp Extreme

50% Power
+650 Memory
+99 Core

Pulling 134w Getting 540 Sol/s

Can I get better?
Whats your Best

when you use ewbf miner then you could use -pec or --pec. then it will give you more information about the gpu power
as you can see here below is gives you the sol/w the higher number that is the better it is.
I think the best is 65% power and then the highest OC you can get with that
Temp: GPU0: 68C
GPU0: 458 Sol/s
Total speed: 458 Sol/s
| GPU | Power usage | Efficiency |
| 0 | 117W | 3.91 Sol/W |

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OK Cool I see you also get about 4sols/w, What card are you using?

Here’s Mine Below

The First two GPU’s are Zotac GTX 1080 Mini’s and the 3rd is Zotac GTX 1080 Amp Extreme

GPU0: 504 Sol/s GPU1: 502 Sol/s GPU2: 540 Sol/s
Total speed: 1546 Sol/s
| GPU | Power usage | Efficiency |
| 0 | 126W | 4.00 Sol/W |
| 1 | 122W | 4.11 Sol/W |
| 2 | 130W | 4.15 Sol/W |

you can’t get much more then that. at least from my experience

Getting that:
the top one is the GTX 1080

with following settings:

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I am getting about 3.7 on GTX1070s. You can get more efficient on some other cards, but you also have to account for the cost of the card itself which is like 170 more dollars than the 1070. It was the best bang for the buck when I did my last calculations unless you have some hookup on cards.

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free electricity… push to max…lol


1070’s where sold out for Months in My Country so had to get 1080’s

not worth it if you consider the electricity… go for 1080ti instead…

Temp: GPU0: 38C GPU1: 45C
GPU0: 654 Sol/s GPU1: 656 Sol/s
Total speed: 1310 Sol/s
| GPU | Power usage | Efficiency |
| 0 | 168W | 3.89 Sol/W |
| 1 | 160W | 4.10 Sol/W |

2x 1080ti AIO Water cooled

EVGA Precision set @

So the avg power usage with 1080ti is about 160w for 700 sol/s? I see lots of pushing these to max but wondering where the sweet spot is. I would like to build a new rig of 1080ti for my next one to gain better sol/w than my 1070 rigs.

3.1 sol/W on my ZOTAC 1080 Ti giving ~750 H/s… these babies are power hungry. :frowning:

I care less about pec than $$ in a day. I will pay more for power if I am still making more money vs the best efficiency.

Hi All,

Stumbled upon this thread while researching power efficiency…
I have 3x 1080 (not ti), and using bminer (has nice browser utility) I am getting ~4.3 Sols/W
Clock is +245 Memory +1000 and power limit is 70. All 3 combined ~1600 Sols drawing ~ 374w @ ~55C on air (no case). This looks too good to be true by reading through comments here.

im using 1080ti at 3.97 sol/watt … 164watts , 651 sol

1080ti - 230w @ 3.43 Sol/w

Will you share your settings for those numbers? :thinking:

So basicaly 1080 has best Sols/W ratio then?

power efficiency per sol, per dollar for the whole nvidia line

That means nothig… nobody use default settings on any card.