Feedback on what is currently your go to favorite ZEC wallet and why?

What is your favorite and why? If you don’t like any or don’t have one, then why and what features would make it your go to wallet?

I’ve also tried quite a few out there and all are not user friendly or ready for mainstream if the goal is to onboard the next billion users. If the dollar were to collapse tomorrow and there was a rush into Bitcoin and other related crypto like ZEC, there isn’t a wallet out there that I know of that keeps it familiar yet allows you to hold your keys and have privacy which I think is the bare minimum to go mainstream. As someone who has been in crypto for over 10+ years I want to gauge your guys thoughts on the best one out and what would be needed to go mainstream?

Is there a ZEC wallet that allows you to hold your own keys that is shielded where you can also hold other crypto and even do swaps with or buy/sell if you choose to not remain private? Or one that allows you to do without KYC for swapping as well as being able to do DeFI or connect to dApps? What about support if we are to onboard the next billion users, look at how easy bank apps are and I am pretty sure they have mass support agents that still handle calls and emails 24/7. Is there a non-custodial wallet that has all those features AND PHONE support 24/7?

If that doesn’t exist, should that or is it something the ZEC has thought about looking into? Or is the goal to try to remain private as possible and advance in the tech but at the sacrifice of onboarding users and hitting mainstream?

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on what is out there that has this or is close to this and if not, if we want to try to build this?

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No. And there probably won’t be unless there’s some serious traction for payments. There kind of needs to be a business model around that, some way to monetize a non-custodial wallet or a connection to an entity that collects fees somehow before there can be people that are paid to answer “why is my wallet not synching”, “where is my crypto” type questions.

  1. How important is this in terms of priority if you had 10 items for ZEC to focus on? Where would this need rank?

  2. If something like was already in the works to be built and this was presented to the community do you think that is something that you or other hodlers would want to support help build whether with financial resources or other engineers that would be able to put in time into this?

  3. Outside ZEC community, do you think other communities face the same issue or would agree that this would be important and is big road block for mass adoption? Again, non-custodial with phone support as well as being familiar, do you think that Litecoin for example has this same issue too as ZEC or do they have a wallet that has phone support and easy to use with functionality?

  4. Lastly, if such a wallet did exist I present this as 2 related questions:
    A) As a user if it had all those features privacy, swaps, no kyc buy/sell, multi asset but mainly with. PHONE support or 24/7 support that know what they are talking about, how much would that service be to you or would it be worth a $5 per month paid in crypto with no ties to identity still to support that service from that wallet (not outsourced)?
    B) As a company or organization if you represented ZEC and as a hodler or voter, is that something worth voting for to expand on to put more resources into that type of ZEC wallet? Rather than having several different types of ZEC wallet that are non-custodial but missing the customer touch needed for mass adoption?

Thanks and I value you your feedback and anyone else that could kindly comment!

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I think the crypto wallet with the best support team is Exodus, and they don’t have phone support. I personally think multi-sig or social recovery feature is cheaper and greatly enhance UX compared to old-school phone support system.

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Ywallet is my favorite ZEC wallet right now.

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The sync is very fast.
It works on my crappy phone.
Múltiple addresses
Supports Ycash as well
Can change an address to ‘cold’