Need hel about MSI RX 470 VGA!

Need Help about mentioned VGA cards.
I have MSI RX 470 8GB 10 cards. When i started mining i overclocked them to 1900MHz mclock (thet’s limit for my cards with mem straps of 1625MHz ). With that settings all was pretty buggy and after 2-3 days i returned original VGA BIOS and run all cards with -cclock 1242 -mclock 1650. All was fine till 19.10.2016. when both of my rigs rebooted. After that (rebooting) i have no more mining at all!!!
I checked the PSU, memory, motherboards, all raisers (non USB)… All is in extra condition except no one working miner!
Whatever i start (miner), after a 2-3 secconds my system freezes or reboots. Exactly, when miner call an OpenCL language.
So, no one miner working on 10 cards an i am completely LOST…
I have try Ungign Heaven tests with memory raised to 1875MHz and all tests with Ultra High settings/1875 mclock pass through 3-5-or omore hours without any problems. I have try games an games working extra fine too with ultra high settings. Only miners don’t working. No one at all!

Any advice, any help, any suggestion?!?!

P.S. My rigs are 2x{5x msi rx 470 8GB+8GB DDR3+AsRock H81 Pro BTC+5 extenders (non usb)+ssd 120GB+Corsair RM1000X)


If your using Claymore’s miner try using -i 3 or lower

Alredy tried. Also with -i 0 and always the same… :frowning: