Hash rate of Rx 470 and Rx 480

Hello guys i want your help in this matter i am mining zcash on nicehash miner and i am getting 16.2 hashrate for single rx 480 and two rx 480 is giving round about 33 but my question is why rx 470 is giving 19 hashrate for zcash and rx 480 is slow than rx 470.

RX470’s and RX480’s seem to perform similar on ZEC. I’m using Genoil’s miner on my RX470’s and get 30 sols per card on average. It may be worth giving that a go.

Thanks mate for your reply but i am new to mining just started two weeks ago so please help me to configure how to use genoil miner

Wow, I hope I get my rigs up this week. 12x RX470 should earn me some hashes. :slight_smile:

The RX470 does have less clock, less compute units and less stream processors as the RX480. But it uses different memory chips and different timings on the memory. That’s my best guess on the difference in mining performance.

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I have a mixed 470/480 rig and they hash almost the same, 28ish for the 470 and 30ish the 480.
I’ve read about 45Sol with those GPUs, but i haven’t been able to achieve those kind of results

You’ll need a modded bios for the 480 to get that hash rate.
However, I think the 45sol for 480 is from the older version of Genoil’s miner, which generates a lot of invalid shares. The latest version gives around 38-40 Sol/s (480 8GB).

I have some 480 8gb, with low energy bios from boyse. Which custom bios are u talking about?

I modded my own rom. I took the stock rom and put the 1750 Mhz memory strap on 2000 Mhz. I also increase the power limit for further mod in WattTool (I don’t have time for that yet). That’s all I did.

This is 480 8GB PowerColor on Genoil miner, with 3 kernels (-k zec zec zec)

Wich software would you recommand to flash firmware on the the RX470 Sapphire Nitro+?

Can someone tells me where I can find the moded firmware for it ?

Thanks in advance.

Each Kernel uses 2gb, any reason to not run -k zec zec zec zec?

It crashes/not offering more sol/s. I think the miner still has room for optimization.

I am using Boysie’s higher power ROM (although I’ve altered it a fair bit to sit somewhere between Boysie’s low power/high power ROM) and can get 40sol/s with -k zec zec zec

-k zec zec zec zec for me was no faster than -k zec zec zec

The thread for Genoil’s miner is here:

I’m assuming your on windows in which case you just need to download the miner and start it running using the examples on the Github readme. If you get stuck let me know.

This is exactly what what i am doing, even though i’m a little bit disappointed since i’m getting only 30Mhash, when silent army has told that he was able to get 48 with the same GPU

Guys i started mining on genoil miner and now i am getting 63 sols/s which is great instead of 32 sols/s

can you specify which card gives you what? 480rx and 470rx? how many GB of memoery per card?

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Thanks for your reply when I was using previous version of nheqminer on rx 480 it was 16 sols/s per card and two cards gave me 32 sols/s and now the new version of nheqminer is giving me 33 sols/s per card and combine is 66 sols/s

Latest silentarmy is giving me ~47 sols/s on a R9 Nano, and ~35 sols/s on a Sapphire Nitro 480. All cards are running stock BIOS.

claymore in win7 64 with latest amd drivers:
rx480 8GB 1300/2100 → 40-44 sols
FYI 280x 1100/1500 gives the same!
i believe the 4xx series have a lot more to give!