Need help on flashing cards - Cant start ATIwinflash

Hey there i tried to follow this instructions:

So downloaded ATIwinflash and tried to start it as admin but it seems not to work. I get this error. Does anyone have a solution?

You could translate the german to be easier but I suggest you didn’t run the AtiFlash as Administrator. So click with right button of the mouse and “Run as Administrator”

try to run it through command prompt instead of the gui, open command prompt as admin and do it that way. I forget which video I run it through command prompt, but I did it in one of them, so just keep watching the other 480 & 470 vids until you see it :slight_smile:

sorry trying to uipload a ubuntu walkthrough now else I would check through the vids - my internet becomes incredibly useless while im uploading

edit, ok now I remember which ones, Watch the BOYSIE’S RX470 Mod video, that one has the command prompt method

Okay ty i will take a look and hope to understand :slight_smile: