Mining with a Fury Nano and RX 470

Just picked up a nano for a decent price locally and added it to my rig. I noticed with my current amd drivers the nano is only mining at around 300 sol/s, any further roll back for better performance and the drivers no longer support rx 470. Is there anyway for these two cards to run optimally to their full potential together?

Need more information…
What is the current driver version?
Which O/S.
What miner software and version are you using?

are you o/c or under ?

Drivers is 16.3.2
Win 10
Claymore V12.4

Unless you are under clocking/volting your cards I am going to lean more towards a bad driver install or update or something because the Fury should be getting 400+ stock.

Run the AMD DDU in SAFE MODE to do a complete uninstall of the drivers then a clean install of 16.3.2

Clean Uninstall AMD DDU

make sure you have the 16.3.2 drivers before you uninstall