Looking for custom ROM for XFX Rx 480 8GB to hit 50H/s on ZCASH

Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me take my rig to the next level in terms of hash rate. I’m running 2x XFX RX 480s 8GB 256 bit on the claymore miner: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1670733.0 and getting a very stable 40H/s per card. I’ve been reading up trying to find the best stable bios to run to get more H/s with less power (if thats even possible) and have seen people hitting 50H/s on claymore with a custom bios. But I can’t seem to piece together which rom and what settings to target. I downloaded atiflash 2.7.4 and am ready to go, but most searches point to dead packages for roms like Heliox. Apologies if this has been covered before, but I’ve been trolling through hundreds of pages and can’t seem to find a consolidated set of steps and guidance on the best way to go.

Currently mining to zcash,flypool: http://zcash.flypool.org/miners/t1QAtrU7SwqSbQD1U2yV1Spqeo5CmADmVxu at around 90 shares per hour.

Any suggestions are welcome. Will end up with 4 RX 480s on Windows 7 once I get 2 more cards setup, I’m also configured for simplemining.net but haven’t tried it yet.


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That's very much possible , i can help if you have 390's
min 70 H/s

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can a 290x get close to that?

as for the 480x I have found that you can use the same memory strappings


as you did for ethreum, however on some of the 480s you need to up the voltage to like 1050 mv to get the system stable.

Massive your millage may vary there. But to get to 50 on all my 480s all I had to do was replace the mem with the line above and then push the memory voltage up to 1050 for stability, at 975 I found it crashed.

Was also able to push the memory up to 2200 on the 8gb models and only 2k on the 4gbs.

Ok, here is the custom BIOS I use for my non-reference XFX RX 480 8GB. The hilarious thing is that it uses the exact same settings that @Bagdar13 reccomends, when I started work on this hours ago! ATIWinflash will complain about the size of the BIOS when you flash it, but it will work just fine. Hopefully this helps, @yarink! :slight_smile:

BIOS download link:

Here’s a screenshot of Claymore’s Zcash miner running on my 480:

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your going to get 50+ sols/s with SIlentarmy 3 instances and nerdralph

your not going to get it on claymore... if you can get 50 on claymore you can get 58 on silentarmy

you should not be using a thiefs software, it makes you a thief also

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Hey guys, does anyone have costum rom for MSI RX470 4gb? I'm getting 31-35 hashes and I think It might be improved.

Hold on a second, @cryptomined! What in the world do you mean by "a thief's software?" I mean really, Claymore is not a thief. He doesn't have his miner secretly taking away from poeple's mining time. Even if he was doing this, how would that make anyone using it a thief? Your argument isn't even logical. Besides, everyone using his software is aware of the fee he puts on mining. He clearly stated that it charges a fee.

Really, I was only using his Zcash miner as an example of the custom BIOS' mining speed. I wasn't even aware of Genoil's Zcash miner when I posted my BIOS. If you have access to faster mining software, then please use it! I never said anyone was required to use Claymore's miner. We have the freedom to choose, after all.

How to get 70 H/s on a 390, can you help me?
I get 45-50 with silentarmy miner on ubuntu 14 (core 1125, mem 1400, undervoltaged, with 5 card 1000W/h)

Are you using offsets coded in hex to actually up the memory voltage, or are you upping the memory controller voltage using polaris?

I just used the polaris bios editor and re-flashed the bios with those 2-3 edits. Nice thing about the red-devils is they are dual bios as well so incase you really mess up you have the 2nd.

To be clear you can change it in the polaris bios editor. or in Wattman you can just click manual and type 1050 where it says 975 under the memory setting. Both will work after changing the memory timing.

OK.. so is the procedure to use a bios editor to change the memory timings / voltages? ie: https://github.com/caa82437/PolarisBiosEditor/blob/master/README.md

OR is there actually a firmware to flash? Apologies, hard to follow a lot of the customizations and doesn't seem to be clear. Thanks!

hi, How to get 70 H/s on a 390, can you help me?

3x r9 390 1x r9 390x

help me?

Well he defiintely is not upping the memory controller voltage using Polaris because it is impossible to do so.:smile:

Polaris BIOS Editor memory voltage fields do nothing, IIRC.

You can do it in the VBIOS, though, PBE just sucks.

What's up Wolf, it appears you and Heliox are correct and I was wrong. People do not want to do the leg work to understand what they are doing. Please accept my apology :slight_smile:

It's no problem. I'll teach people who honestly want to learn, but they have to do it themselves. Most just want it served to them, already done.

your going to get 50+ sols/s with SIlentarmy 3 instances and nerdralph

your not going to get it on claymore... if you can get 50 on claymore you can get 58 on silentarmy

I was able to get https://github.com/mbevand/silentarmy (including nerdralph) running on Ubuntu 16.0.4 with AMDGPU-PRO Driver (16.40)
2 x XFX 8GB Rx 480s all stock.

Ubuntu w/ silentarmy - 40 Sol/s each card = Avg 80 sol/s ~450W @ plug
Windows 7 w/ claymore's zcash miner 1.0 - 40 Sol/s each card = Avg 80 sol/s ~450W @ Plug EDIT.. now with v2.1beta the -i 2 intensity setting gets me ~45sol/s per card x2 = 90 sols/s. avg of 470W @ Plug

I know the cpu+mobo+2 platter drives are not the most efficient to start with..

Both pointing to us1-zcash.flypool.org

I was expecting silentarmy w/ nerdralph to push 48 Sol/S and use less power but that wasn't the case. Should I try anything else? What can be tweaked? I believe the default is 2 instance per GPU. Does 3 make a difference?

It seems that claymore yields 2.1 better results in windows on stock Rx 480s. In terms of code theft and all that, if that is the case I would obviously lean towards the original source. My card firmware/details are above.



I get 58 on claymore

yes do --instances=3