Need help with Gigabyte Aorus 1060 extrema gaming 6g 9gbps


I have problem overclocking Gigabyte Nvidia Aorus 1060 Extreme Gaming 6g. What ever I do, it gives only average results. I tried MSI Afterburner and AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE, stock driver, newest driver....nothing happens. I'm running it on Asrock BtcPro 2.0 and Win 10 x64 latest update.

Any ideas or experiance?

To overclock the Aorus, you don't need to adjust the clock settings as much as the power level. At least with my Aorus Xtreme 1080 Ti, the card itself overclocks automatically while mining, and will use whatever available power there is set in the Aorus app. Definitely use the Aorus app for these cards, if yours is like mine, because the max power settings are much higher than you'll get out of MSI. If you want to visualize what I'm talking about, load up nvidia inspector and look at the power draw and clocks, and your hashrate - then raise the power level in the Aorus app and watch the clock speeds increase with the power levels.

Your mileage may vary, obviously, because it's a different card, but I would bet that Aorus uses similar software across all the xtreme card lineup.

As a side note, I have overclocked my Aorus to death trying to get boosts in hashrate from clock and memory speed adjustments. Memory speed helps a tiny bit, but the only real difference (and only stable method) I found was adjusting the power.

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TenaciousJ, thx for answer. It helped. Aorus is bad card for mining ETH, but for ZEC is GOD OF FIRE! I get about 340 sol per card.

Good to hear, glad the info helped out.

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the prometheus of mining cards~ :boom:


How much power do they draw? By card and on the wall?

Maybe 150W of efficiency :sunny:

Here’s screenshot, 5 cards rig.

I will send tomorrow data from the wall.

Aren't those 1080ti cards going for $700 or more?

1080ti $700 = $2/sol/s (340sol/s, 130W)
1060 3G $220 = $1.30/sol/s (285sol/s, 107W)
about the same efficiency for each, 2.6-2.7sol/w

Thought 1080ti's got 700+sol/s... just sayin'...

1080ti cards get over 700 you are right. Dushan has a 1060.

Ah, crap – need new glasses. Saw TenaciousJ’s reference to his 1080’s and it stuck in my fried brain… :grimacing:

340 on any 1060 is darn good, yes.

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Those are nice number !

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