Help Overclocking 1080 Ti (Aorus)

Hi, I need urgent help, I’m sorry, but I do not speak much English. I have a GTX 1080ti Gygabyte Aorus for days was running perfect 720 sol / s with linux. Buy another hard drive install windows 10 and install the programs of the GTX 1080ti looking like removing the lights apparently modify something. Because it was testing the OC mode, Gaming Mode, Silent Mode and User Mode options. Now no more than 200 sol / s and I do not know what to do the Aorus Engine program that made me this I guess and init the msfer alferburner ye tried options and nothing I do not know if it will be zcash that raised the difficulty or is something of the bios of the card But I do not know how to restore it to the original state I hope to help me thanks.


I’ve got the same cards, all running 720-730 with 58-65 C°

Not the difficulty change for sure. Did you reboot your pc? If nothing changes, disinstall and reinstall drivers, if that doesnt work let me know.

Thank you for responding, my friend. I realize all that I believe that
something was modified with the AORUS ENGINE but as I am new in this. I had
installed linux undermining ZCASH and it was perfect but the lights had me
crazy. Buy a separate hard drive and install windows 10. Install the
programs of the 1080ti one of them is AORUS ENGINE touch the OC options to
test and I think that was where it was clear damage already got where to
remove the lights but I have that problem. With what you do your OC with in

Afterburner FTW.

I set individually every card from that program.
It’s important to keep application open to keep OC settings active.

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I have 4 of this 1080 TI Aourus, they give me out of the box about 700-720 sols/s each.

But When I every try to OC them I end up in troubles, If I only connect 1 and OC I can get +100 CPU /+500 mem and no issues, but if I got with more OC the cards died and I need to restart the PC. With this OC I achieve 740-760 sols/s

Now with the 4 cards connected if I OC with +100/+500 they last for about 4-5 hours and then all the cards died and need to restart the PC. Don’t know why

The far I tried was +500/+1000 and achieve 800 sols/s but only last about 15 minutes, the temperature never gets over 78 C

I put the fans to 100% and the temps are from the first to the last 69/70/72/75 Centigrates

Holy cow why?
I’ve got +122/+400 and temp are 69-62 during the day and 63-54 fans are at 70%. Not mounted in rig yet, so with extra fans temp should be lower…

Mine is mounted in a rig, I will add 2 extra fans so they can get cooler. But still can’t get stable OC. The temperature of the room is 25C


Thanks to everyone for the help I already got the fault it turns out that the riser was connected in a PCI slot 3.0x16 and the 1080ti went crazy. I changed it to a PCI3.0x1 slot and solved problem

great to hear that! Good mining friend!

I have got 6 x 1080ti Aorus running at this moment, 4 in 1 rig en 2 in another rig…

All running windows 10, with the latest Nvidia drivers.

These are my settings, and running ok…

Hope this helps…


I can only get 1 OC from my 4 1080 Ti. if I OC the 4 cards they will crash i about 4 hours. any ideas?

even if I OC just +100/+100

Set fans to 100 % always …get the latest Nvidia drivers…

Be sure you’re power can handle the load.
Check risers …

My rigs run perfectly with these settings without downtime on flypool

If you have Win 10, use this link : GeForce Game Ready Driver | 385.28 | Windows 10 64-bit | NVIDIA