Need Help with Integrating a Simple Zcash Send Transaction on Web Browser

My goal is to allow a user to submit their Zcash address in a text field on a browser then I send them a small very small amount zcash to their address.

Currently, I am in the process of a running a mainnet node then will experiment with the zcash-cli features. Specifically the send zcash command. Do I need to run a full mainnet node to use the send command or is there a simpler way to do this when integrating with a website? I am a full stack developer and would appreciate any pointers to designing this feature.


Hi @mrbabble2 and welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

So you are looking for users to submit thier address so you can send funds to them? Have you seen the ZecPages directory by @BrunchTime ?

Or are you looking to create a faucet where the process is automated on the back end? There is code (which may be a bit out of date) for a Testnet Zcash (TAZ) faucet at:

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Thanks. I am looking to create a faucet, where a user can input their Zecwallet or even coinbase address. Then, in the backend it sends them a small amount. I am looking for something on mainnet. It seems that code is for testnet.

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Actually, Brunchtime has one that you can configure for main net also:

GitHub - michaelharms6010/zcash-faucet: React app => Nodejs => zcashd rpc zcash faucet


This is great, thanks @Shawn.


Np, please be sure to share your project with us when you are done :wink: