New block explorer at

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of hardware for a dedicated node by Peter of, I have a new Insight block explorer up at that has much faster hardware and 4 times as much RAM as where was hosted (that url still works BTW, but only with non-ssl now).

The new system is also in the EU region, which is where the majority of traffic for it originates. The previous Insight instance remains in place and will be re-purposed to be for Patron only access by Node level sponsors on my patreon at Patreon which will also include private access to the experimental remote proving service soon, as well as all other lower level rewards.

As always one time donations towards my public infrastructure services are always welcome! Addresses for which are on the Donations section of my website at


-David Mercer
Tucson, AZ


Nicely done!
Keep up the great work.

Thanks! It is also now behind CloudFlare, and i have improved the system monitoring on it