What card should i use for mining?

Hi everyone, im new in cryptomonney and i decided to mine zcash because it appears worth. But i dont know what cards to put in my rigs (it has a capacity of 6 cards) i have the chooose : 6 rx 570 or 6 gtx 1070. What is the better for zcash mining, and how much will it worth for me in a mount ?

Hi @Frizti mining can be a fun hobby, with Zcash however the best hardware to mine with is an ASIC specifically made for Zcash, like the Antminer Z11. GPUs can’t really compete against the specialized hardware anymore .

Check out https://whattomine.com and plug in your rigs specs (including power cost) to see what you would earn.

I think i will buy the antminer z11 and in like 1,5 year i will buy the z15 if he is still the best. BUt when i type my rig specs (6 gtx 1070) and when i check the zhash column, it says that im only doing 336h/s and its not worth at all. So unless im dumb i think i will buy an antminer z11 asic. Thank you for your response !

You should go for an high Yeilding ASIC like Antminer Z15 420 Ksol/s which is producing 8 Zcash per month right now which translates to 20$ per day after 20 cents per kW electricity expence