New User Category

Would it be beneficial to add a new user category to the forums? It could be a place for new users to ask questions re all things zcash.

This could be the first post: Important Links for New Users

Perhaps a new user could get lost in conversations and not know where to look when they enter the forums for the first time.


Maybe a sub-category “Getting Started” would be more appropriate?

Also, should we gather the technical support category for all Zcash wallets @decentralistdan? I think users have been doing it anyway.


Regarding a sub category, what if this was a new users first experience in a forum like this? And they didn’t know how to navigate to a sub category?

My argument would be that if adoption + education are primary goals, then having a primary category where we can post zcash info (new user focused), education materials, new user guides, etc, would be really helpful.

But, if that doesn’t align with the overall goal of the forum, then a subcategory would suffice. Maybe editing the welcome page to say there is a new user section?

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Hi all, having literally just signed up and posted a question regarding learning more about the community/ project, this would be a great idea.

Many of the forums I frequent usually have something similar where frequent new user issues and questions get covered so the same problem/issue/question doesn’t have to get repeated many times over.

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Check out

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