New Zcash Pool launched! ZPOOL GURU IS LIVE! [ABANDONED]

Good. Look forward to!

I would also like to give you advice. Engage as much as possible advertising your pool in all forums (and Russian-language ones in particular), then it will quickly gain its power.


Go go Laszlo we believe in you!!!

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Thank you, we are planning exactly this. For now, we are focusing on functionalities that will set us clearly apart from the rest. In about a week or two, we will be ready to go full steam ahead.


Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense and I look forward to 50 confirmations :slight_smile:


how are the guys? patience is not typed and that’s how the blocks are shooting !!! who is patient - gets reward !!! tell your friends !! We will rock our pool !!!


3 blocks in 3 hours !!! where you can?


Tell your friends. Let’s connect - we will rock this pool to the maximum !!!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

We are very excited as well. We found 5 blocks in just over 24 hours! And we are still a tiny pool, compared to the big boys.

We want to have 25% of the global hashrate. No pool should have anywhere close to 50%, hence why we thought our pool can help the Zcash mission.

And we only just started! Our updates this weekend will make all of you very happy. :smile:


So you earn based off of how many shares you submitted since the last block? I just want to make sure I’m understanding it correctly before I decide to join!

Edit: and it’s based off percentage? So if you submitted 50% of the shares since the last block you get 5 ZEC for the next block found?

Edit: Sorry, but I have another question. Why is it stuck at 100%? No block was found by the pool. Does that mean whatever shares people are submitting are not being counted for the block % reward?

Hi there!

Yes and yes, your understanding of our proportional reward payouts is correct.

The percentage until the next block is an estimate. There is a lot of luck involved in finding a block. For example, we found 4 blocks yesterday and also 4 blocks the day before, which was about double the number of blocks we expected to find, given our hashrate at that moment.

So today, we should have found our second block quite some time ago and the counter stayed at 100% since the expected time.

Not to worry though, this is normal while our pool grows in size. Higher pool hashrate will result in higher blocks per day and more regular block findings.

Ah gotcha the timer is an estimate of finding the block. Well I have to say awesome job @Laszlo! After I calculate my earnings, I might throw my hashing power into the pool!

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Thank you, @Blue!
We look forward to welcoming you to our pool.

36 hours and counting since last block. :sob:

But record is ~46.5,
so wait an wait

I’m also a little upset, but it already was. the main average number of blocks per day. for a week 16 blocks and yet until today the day has not ended. you saw 3 blocks in 3 hours? do not worry that I, too, was calm. :wink:

We can’t always have good luck :slight_smile: I just hope it isn’t related to any of the changes that are being done on the back end. Hopefully nothing is borked.

naturally the pool does not have enough speed for stability. if there is about 4-5 Mh - then the extraction of blocks will be stable … but for now by my calculations I have more than flypool. we must be patient - and get a good reward.

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We are constantly checking and everything on our side is normal. The communication and the blocks are being processed as expected. This is just really bad luck, or maybe something weird is going on.

What we do notice is that Flypool has 181 MH/s out of 288 MH/s, which is almost 63% !!!

Not just because we of course want to grow, but mainly because this is unhealthy, 20% of the global network should switch to us. No pool should be even close to 50%.


Hey @Laszlo, what are some of the updates which will be implemented soon?

Edit: After watching the pool for awhile, it looks like there was a lose of connection with the whole pool for around 10 minutes. Also the blocks per day have been increasing when there hasn’t been a block found for over 52 hours. How long of a span does the blocks per day count?

Edit 2: looking at the pool hash history again I see there are multiple instances where the whole pool and every miner has dropped to 0. Not sure what’s going on but I think this is why I’m a bit hesitant to join. But I see great potential!! Just a few bugs.

It’s sad. Within two and a half days the profit was half a day’s work. If the situation be repeats again and again, the flypool will have more hash. =/

Do not want return to flypool. =(