New Zcash Pool launched! ZPOOL GURU IS LIVE! [ABANDONED]

Note that this pool is no longer functioning.

Hi guys!

With quite a bit of pride, I am delighted to announce that we recently launched our own pool to support the Zcash community. It is a young pool and we are constantly improving it. We hope you will already enjoy it in its current state, and we think you will love it once it is fully developed:

With two decades of experience in server hosting, almost 1 year experience in hosting servers for the ZCash community, we have the skills, the team, and the infrastructure to make this the best pool for Zcash!

The pool is fully operational, has found 3 blocks so far, and is growing in size. Here are a few details, which you can also all find on our pool website:

  • Low 0.5% fees

  • Proportional block reward

  • Real time free payout (min 0.1 ZEC)

  • All Mining rewards: Blocks & Fees

  • Full stratum support

  • DDoS protection

  • Online support

  • Server:

  • Stratum Port: 3333

  • Encrypted Stratum Port: 4333

  • Username: Your Zcash Address

  • Password: X or Leave empty

Help us spread the word and connect your servers! We have a hard working team making sure the pool is as good as possible and we are constantly developing as well as improving the entire architecture.

Let us grow Zcash together!


Im first :slight_smile:

Wow! Thank you for this great news. I want to support your pool, today i will switch on it my RIGs and will ask all my clients who use [CMD] Zcash Miner Autorun (Autorestart / Watchdog) for EWBF miner to switch them too!


Thank you, @Undertrey!

We are working really hard and will make sure customers always come first, which is what we have been doing with our hosting services too.

Proud to be supporting the Zcash community!


Hello guys! I put one of my rigs in this pool. My hashrate is 4300 s/sec but pool detects only 3300 s/sec. Do you know why?


Hello! leave it for a work some time and your average hashrate will be calibrated. My average hashrate is 1000, and last is 916 on pool. And average 990 and last 980 on miner. I will leave it for a day and will calculate hashrate/profit and compare with another pools. But i think that will be better one!

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Check after a few hours and let me know if the issue persists. In the meantime, we will check as well.

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We are getting very good feedback on the proportional payouts we are offering. Basically, if you had your servers connected for 50% of the day and then we find a block when you are not connected, you still get proportionally what you have provided.


i am currently using suprnova.
please let me know if somebody switched from suprnova to and compared those two.
i’m very curious about the hashrate/profit ratio.


I’m switched from flypool, as i know (for me) flypool was better than suprnova. I will compare flypoor and


going to try this as well.

newbie here, can I know how do I use these API thingie?


Thank you, guys!

The APIs are in development and offer further functionalities. To get started, you do not need them. We do have a section that explains what you need.

Let me know if you need more details!

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@Laszlo i think you need to create more servers for peoples from another countries. Like China, Russia, India. As i know they will have huge ping to your server. I’m from Ukraine and i have 133 (on flypool it was 63).


Good idea - we will work on it!

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BTW my 133 ping is stable, but on flypool I have sometimes drop to 300-500 range. My friend from Russia have 23-30 on your pool but on flypool he was with 30-40 ping. Need to ask some ppls from India and China to test.

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We have been working on a solution for a while now that my engineers believe will actually work better than servers in those countries.

Stay tuned - I will let you know when you can test it.

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And need to add extended statistics with average ZEC and $ earnings based on actual hashrate.

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We will be adding all your heart desires and more!

Are you a customer of our hosting services? If you are, you know how much we love statistics and graphs.

You will love the updates we are working on!

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Hi friends😊
Could you give me working config line for this pool?

Did you follow the ‘Getting started’ part of our website?

I might test to move 3 rigs to this pool for 1 week to se what payout it will generate.

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