Nheqminer Linux COMPILED.. anyone?

Can anyone please upload a compiled binary for nheqminer for Linux. I have spent over a week trying to fix all random errors, right from the first missing boost libs to ‘gcc > 5 not supported’ and after fixing these even further strange sorts of errors. I have tried 3 different Linux flavors and NO the instructions given on their git page don’t work !! They obviously knew and overlooked the pre CMake complications a fresh system faces. Even their Windows binaries were buggy… but that’s a different story. Compiling CUDA based code has never been as difficult as this project has made it.

So, can anyone who has managed to compile it please just share the (non backdoored :stuck_out_tongue: ) ELF file? [ I am stuck at the linker errors). I will handle the placement of the required ‘.so’ and other library files. Please someone! Dropbox, base64 on pastebin, mega, anything would do.

Thanks. :sob:

Have you tried GitHub - sarath-hotspot/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash?
If you have any more issues et cetera let us know

I can give you a Dockerfile. It’s performance is the same as bare metal. PM if needed.

Oh comeone guys. If you guys are so sure this works then you must be already having the compiled ELF. Just give me the compiled file !!
Also won’t the docker file try to auto fetch and compile and link and do everything I have already done earlier… but just in an automated fashion?
I cleaned 3 Linux boxes and installed Crapdows 10 and Spyindows 10 just to run the Windows nheqminer. :frowning:

Where is the PM option ? Couldn’t find it anywhere… Maybe it’s my browser.