Na I'm goooooooood with this

Open terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install cmake build-essential libboost-all-dev

git clone -b Linux

cd nheqminer/cpu_xenoncat/Linux/asm/


cd ../../../Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cpu

cmake .

make -j $(nproc)

When you're done, you will see that the file builds to home/user/nheqminer/Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cpu

So then use the command: cd nheqminer/Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cpu

Start your miner using the following command:
./nheqminer_cpu -l -u t1cX6oqQY1wd8FQCyW9YJyRSh3Qyt3Ymetm.rig2

Now you're done!

The instructions from flypools github page were unclear on a thing or 2 and it caused me to spend a lot of time troubleshooting, so I made this to help out some people that might run into the same issue.

If this helped you, please consider donating t1cX6oqQY1wd8FQCyW9YJyRSh3Qyt3Ymetm



Surely you're not trying to trick folks into mining into your address.

I hope I'm misreading your post. I'll take down mine if you clarify yours.

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  1. This is how you give examples, would you rather I just type a bunch of random keys or just copy and paste like I did?

  2. You can clearly tell it's my address, I even have it as my donation address at the bottom of the page.

  3. Anyone that would be doing this sort of thing wouldn't be foolish enough to use my address.

  4. You clearly are trying to call me out here, so don't try to point your finger by using rhetorical questions.

  1. No you fill the address with intuitive filler such as [YOUR T-ADDR]. The end user should know what a t-addr is, or at least inform them as to how to generate their own so that they use theirs.
  2. Yes we know it's your address, that's not the point; see 1.
  3. See 1.
  4. See 1.
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The github link to nheqminer literally shows you all of this, but guess doesn't show where it's built to nor how to run that specific command. Hence the name of the guide/content


This isn't a guide on how to install zcash or generate your own addresses. Obviously people looking at this guide will know about zcash/t-addresses.


That's actually the entire point. You two are accusing me of trying to trick people by using my address(thinking people won't know that it's mine), but then you even acknowledge that you can tell it's my address...

You guys are obviously a little too eager to point fingers, just like people back in the early days of bitcoin. You honestly seem like trolls.


I actually prefer the way he did it because it obviously implies what kind of number one should be looking for and punching in, but there should definitely be a note somewhere in case somebody does not read to the end/very bottom!!


anyone care to diagnose this????

ryan@UbuntuServer:~/nheqminer/Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cpu$ ./nheqminer_cpu -1 -u t1M7AWNAfpub89QyAkMEoPcC7cpV9aeAXKH.ryan

==================== ====================
	Equihash CPU&GPU Miner for NiceHash v0.4a
Thanks to Zcash developers for providing base of the code.
       Special thanks to tromp, xenoncat, mbevand 
             and eXtremal-ik7 for providing 
      optimized CPU, CUDA and AMD equihash solvers.
==================== ====================

Setting log level to 2
[19:02:18][0x00007f156c0dc740] Using SSE2: YES
[19:02:18][0x00007f156c0dc740] Using AVX: NO
[19:02:18][0x00007f156c0dc740] Using AVX2: NO
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Starting miner
[19:02:18][0x00007f156952f700] miner#1 | Starting thread #1 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f1569d30700] miner#0 | Starting thread #0 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f155bfff700] miner#3 | Starting thread #3 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f1563fff700] miner#4 | Starting thread #4 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f15637fe700] miner#5 | Starting thread #5 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f1562ffd700] miner#6 | Starting thread #6 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Connecting to stratum server
[19:02:18][0x00007f15627fc700] miner#7 | Starting thread #7 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f1568d2e700] miner#2 | Starting thread #2 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Connected!
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Subscribed to stratum server
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] miner | Extranonce is 4099ff1f00000000000000001fff993f82
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Worker not authorized: t1M7AWNAfpub89QyAkMEoPcC7cpV9aeAXKH.ryan
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Disconnecting
[19:02:18][0x00007f156a531700] stratum | Stopping miner
terminate called without an active exception
Aborted (core dumped)

Yeah but the only thing you brought to the table was 'look this is where the binary lives' and 'pay to my address'.

Sure, the title 'Mining' states the obvious, now you're just deflecting.

Keep telling yourself that, just trying to throw some healthy critique your way.
If you can't take it you can always unplug?

Looks like a segfault.

Obviously I didn't do that much at all, I literally am just pointing people in the right direction because I had the same issue myself, and If it helped and they want to throw a few pennies my way, whats wrong with that?

You're literally just arbitrarily complaining about everything now, what's next? Is my name a ploy to get money too?

Now you're just being a child because you realize how hard you have fallen on your face. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but your "critique" is nothing more than you trying to call me out, and then complaining when one person didn't agree with you.

It's absolutely ridiculous that I have to explain such basics things to you

You are the filth that makes these forums toxic. Please keep commenting so people can see how pathetic you're.

I'm kind of a noob, how do I check that log?

I'm using the flypool parameter but it's still trying to go to nice hash pool.

I suppose it could be a mem error because this host is an old HP server that I just put Linux on, it has like 60 GB of ram lol.

@anon @Freshbru

I understand OP is trying to help users by posting a simple how-to guide and some may not wish to send him any coins for doing so but don't make it personal else I will have to close this thread.


Thank you. Hopefully this thread won't even be needed in the near future, I gave the dev of flypool a heads up about the issue.

Whats wrong with that? You're trying to cash in on other peoples work.
You could have at least been noble and put the dev / original authors z-addr in the filler.

Keep telling yourself that, you've completely missed the point but l digress.

Wow, you really have taken this whole thing to heart.
Even more pathetic is the fact that you've had congratulate yourself on a battle which was never so.
Next time actually read others responses. The asinine drama card will only get you so far.

@Shawn, appreciate you chiming in, but censorship never helped anyone.

no brother, you want to use sarath hotspot

yes its cause of a typo. change -1 to -l

./nheqminer_cpu -l -u t1M7AWNAfpub89QyAkMEoPcC7cpV9aeAXKH.ryan
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thank u so much

i got 8 k hash from azure's with 4 cpu

what about yours?

omg I am so stupid, thanks a lot!

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