Nheqminer - open source & free CUDA ZEC (GTX 1070 @ 400 Sol/s) miner by NiceHash


We are proudly presenting you - open source and free to use CUDA ZEC miner. No limitations (works on any pool) and no dev fee.

We used our first ZEC miner for this purpose - nheqminer - it was forked many times on GitHub and it will be easy for most developers to adopt new solver into their forks.

Link: GitHub - nicehash/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash

Bins and linux compatibility will be available very shortly.

In future, we plan to bring same open approach to AMD card owners with the fastest OpenCL solver.

If you appreciate our work and would like to donate, just mine on NiceHash. We request nothing more from you :wink:

Note to all devs that are eager to include parts of code into their miner: cuda_djezo project is released under GPL 3.0 license, which means that you cannot use this code as a base or parts of the code to create closed source fee based miner. If you do that, you violate license terms.

For CUDA devs (Tromp and others), you may be interested to check what was changed from the only public CUDA solver (by Tromp), here is quick link to the file: nheqminer/equi_miner.cu at master · nicehash/nheqminer · GitHub

Comments, ideas for improvements etc… everything is welcome.

The original public CUDA solver did 30 Sol/s, this one does 400 (GTX 1070).

Will you be including build instructions for the djezo solver? It appears that existing build instructions are only related to Tromp/xenoncat/etc.

Hi, that’s great to hear!

That seems an interesting alternative to the EWBF miner for CUDA. Please if you have performance stats for some GPUs I’d like to know, to include them here, so people can compare:


you can PM or email me, thanks!

I had no problems with djezo, change to release-slow, build ocl,and tromp stuff, change ro release, build nheqminer, everything works good

btw. nice, it give me 310 sol/s on 980oc

just go through the bitcointalk topic for Claymore Miner and you will get a lot of performance stats. Start from the end :smiley: BTW OC miner released a windows build for nheqminer on his github

Where is the link for CUDA Windows version ? i see only the old version 30Sol on 1070.

Our devs went to sleep before they were able to make a bin for Windows and fix everything for Linux. Sorry for that. Hopefully today you will have everything.

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devs also need some sleep. i think we all have understanding for that. pity, but we r humans :joy::grin: thx for the source. hope devs will get the last sol out of it for NVIDIA GPU’s

I think this is the URL : Releases · ocminer/nheqminer-djezo · GitHub I also tested and i get about 385 Sol from 1070, but looks like my GPU is very relaxed, 52 Temp, Fan 12%. for sure this can be improved very good.

Update : 412 - 422 Sol

too many drops comparing release and EWBF’s miner…and naturally lower hashrate with great fluctuation from 1030 to 1375 h\s…any ideas or this is normal now?

did you compile by self for your cpu and gpu? did you run 2 instances? I have no such problems…

no.i download release.2 instances - yes.don’t use cpu.compile…i have curve hands=).tried sometimes but always problems…in the otherhand - other releases worked fine…

@nicehashdev just dropped in the older djezo patch, but some optimalisation that reside in the EQM version are not in the OSS version.

If all patched + there is more room for improvements you’d get about 480 on 65%, 515 on 100% and 525 on 112% (i’ve posted a screenshot before in https://global.discourse-cdn.com/zcash/original/2X/2/21b142e4571bfe0e99908703b2951f682ccc415d.png)

If you have the optimizations, you could push it to github… or, picture does not mean a lot

400 SOL/S Is,lot of mining power. My home pc running about 5-12 SOL/s. Its not much.

release c - same picture…but eqm 1.0.4c works nice and smooth…so…that’s not the same code i guess…

It is… we have mentioned several times already that base code of nheqminer is not the same as EQM. EQM has much better base code - it is stripped of all unneeded stuff, very lightweight and straightforward, it does not have all that zcash junk with it. But we do not want to open EQM base, because we may use it for another project, besides, it doesn’t have stratum protocol so it would be useless to most of you. But the CUDA solver part (all kernels, and launching of them) is the same - even multiple instances (by using cuda contexts) is there. If you don’t believe us, analyse SASS and you will see.

thanks for explanation=)i’m not really good in programming so i will believe you without any problem=)it’s a pitty that nheqminer not stable…how do you think - compiling myself might change situation or this is miners normal work with this drops?

Give us these miner and pictures left for themselves :smile: .