Working NVidea GPU suprnova nheqminer ( windows )

if you cant get your gpu mining and you have nvidea.

update ur graphics card drivers

download latest version of cuda ( google it)

download these cuda dlls and paste them in to your nheqminer folder replacing ones that were theyre:

and run :slight_smile:

Are you using a NVIDIA card?


using the coinsforall gou miner … good sol rates but would prefer to send everything through suprnova

coinsforall one supposed to be open source so might have a look at sorting it for suprnova

Throw these CUDA Dlls on the nheqminer folder and run the miner, here its works ( GTX 550Ti )

ill try it brother


Also i sended to someone and it works for him ( GTX 460 )
You are welcome :slight_smile:

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omg you dancer it works !

where u get it from btw ?

What sort of rates are you getting now good sirs? I’m not sure how some people are getting 100+ on quadcores when on GTX970 + 3770K I’m getting 38-40 Sols.

im getting about 30 ( gpu + cpu ) not great but okay

u better running together or a terminal for each ?

do you have to have zcash connected and running when your using a different miner btw ? if its not on how does zec go to your coin address ?

i been too sacred to switch it off ao got virtual box on all time which cud be slowing me down

What do you guys think about this GPU?

And what kind of hash rate do you think it would put out to mine zcash?

CUDA error ‘the launch timed out and was terminated’ in func ‘eq_cuda_context::solve’ line 986 its don t work in my pc, why?

have you downloaded latest cuda drivers ?

google cuda and downlaod them

hey, did anybody manage to mine with both cpu and NVIDIA gpu?
I tried with v0.3a, but enabling both options gives the same Sol/s figure as gpu only, which is actually less than cpu only!
Any idea?

I have been mining since 24 hours with poor . Normal 1st time in my life i do that.
i have a laptop ASUS X550JX - core i5 - 4200 H CPU@ 2.800 GHz 2.79 GHz - 3.9 G RAM
with Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 and Geforce GTX 950M

I managed to mine with cpu with an average 8 H/sols for ± 0.0008 Zec.
i managed to mine also with the GTX but gave me only 5 H/sols so i decide to stick with the cpu
i tried also cpu+gpu and gave me same result ± 5 H/sols

My question is how can maximize this computer ??..If i am not wrong i have an AMD + CUDA …

I am working with 4 threads : -t 4 -cd 0 not sure how much i have.
Last question ; you think i can make cpu+gpu+amd work all together same time ?

Thanks for your reply 1 st time i mine in my life :slight_smile:

i run them in seperate terminals

gets better rates

You mean you have 2 separate instances of the miner running on the same computer, with different launch parameters?

yep… just copied the folder and changed the bat file… one runs gpu and one runs cpu

I gave it a try too. But each instance makes the other’s Sol’s/s drop by one half, so they add up to the same figure as before… That sucks, I was hoping to get some enhancement with gpu mining, but I’m going to switch back to cpu only on Linux.