Nicehash/nheqminer multiple GPU crash :: AMD R9 on Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Running ubuntu 16.04. Installed the nheqminer_AMD miner following all the instructions at GitHub - nicehash/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash.

I can mine with just one GPU no problem. Can switch between them. But when I attempt to mine with two, it crashes. Using the command:

./nheqminer_AMD -l -u NAME.worker_1 -p XXXX -t 0 -od 0 1

I also tried:

./nheqminer_AMD -l -u NAME.worker_1 -p XXXX -t 0 -od 1 0
./nheqminer_AMD -l -u NAME.worker_1 -p XXXX -t 0 -cd 0 1

I can only get one card to mine if i drop the 1 or the 0 and just have one card listed.

Anyone else running into this problem?