Nvidia 9800gt crashes nheqminer

Any help with this plz. I have an old Nvidia 9800gt card i started mining bitcoin with and it hashes at about 21 Mh/s according to guiminer. (which with bitcoin is a waste of time)

when i try and get it to run under the nicehash command line miner the miner wont start
but it will start with an old 512mb ATI card selected using -od 0 argument. Using the -cd 0 for the 9800gt

both cards are installed the Nvidia card has 1Gb of memory
at present i am using the ATI card and 5 of my 6 cores (AMD Phenom 3.3 Ghz) and only getting about 4.5 sols


Let’s start here

ok here is one for you, which is more efficient, one miner per GPU or one miner using two or more GPU

as long as your PSU can handle it, more is better

Sorry maybe my question wasnt clear, one worker using say six gpu in one rig or six workers using one gpu each in the same rig, or maybe 3 workers using 2 gpu each. power use would be the same wouldnt it. but i thought that maybe to the pool it might look like you are doing more with more workers but the same sols/s

The pool doesn’t care
Electricity wise you are actually using more if go from 6 gpu to 3 two gpu rigs, not to mention your costs have gone up.

no sorry this is all in the one 6 gpu rig not multiple rigs, just different ways of using the same 6 cards, 1 worker = 6 gpu , 2 workers = 3 gpu each,
3 workers = 2 gpu each or 6 workers = 1 gpu each, my thoughts were 1 gpu per worker, that way if one gpu goes bad you can see it in the pool stats and know which gpu is down