Nighthawk on on Desktop?

Nighthawk looks like a slick app but wondering if its ever coming to desktop. I dont feel comfortable store ZEC on a phone. Is storing on a desktop safer or am I over thinking it?


I’m a fan of Desktop + Hardware Wallet integration or Mobile App + Hardware Wallet support, where the keystore is part of HW wallet and the Desktop/Mobile UI is primarily used to view balances/transactions and broadcast signed transactions securely.

The Zcash network is about to undergo a bunch of changes in the next few weeks and the end-user transition to Unified Addresses needs to be planned out to make everyone start using UAs by default.(with support for Auto-migrating ZEC from Z & T addresses to UA Shielded address). The widespread usage of UAs would help increase shielded transactions within the Orchard Pool.

There is definitely a demand for a well-rounded desktop wallet, @NighthawkApps team might look into delivering a Desktop app with Trezor support(once Trezor delivers UA support later this year).
Meanwhile, an iPhone 6 and above or Google Pixel series phones come with a security chip that stores information like the wallet’s seed words. I’m comfortable storing my ZEC on a separate phone(without a SIM card) and the OS being regularly updated with patches. Try looking into installing a privacy-preserving Android ROM like GrapheneOS for peace of mind from spyware that’s present in stock Android ROMs.


without a sim card is key

You should explore YWallet for desktop if you are looking for a lite client desktop app. Hanh YWallet Download page

YWallet has both Zcash and Ycash. Solid experience; but just make sure you backup your seed (as you should with others too) because new versions do roll out frequently at this stage. For example the link above says 1.2.0 but I think 1.2.1 is being released soon.

No, it’s not NH… but just mentioning it.