Nighthawk not syncing

Hi guys, i downoaded the nighthawk app today on android, at first all looked well and it said it was downoading went to 100%, i got a wallet address and made a transfer, now when i open the app its stuck on PREPARING TO DOWNLOAD, Tried on wifi, mobile data, pubic wifi

anything else i can do to access my funds? or is it a lost cause?


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ike this

just tried to reinstall the app and it wont accept seed, so yeh been bumped :))

It will sync but it will likely take a very long time though on android. It will also store upwards of about 15 GB on your phone. The updated Nighthawk wallet is still pending and should hopefully address those issues.

it just sticks on prepairing to download, 15gb i need to delete some shit then =))

Yes it would likely not update the progress on screen for quite a while but eventually it would switch to the progress. The new version is pending which should only consume a few hundred megabytes so it is probably better to just wait.

is it due soon, i already sent money to the wallet like an idiot

You can always use a different wallet and flip back to Nighthawk at a later date. The seed phrase is the critical part - don’t lose that or share that with anyone. But you can definitely use a different wallet if neededz


You should use Ywallet

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Yes but now funds stuck in nighthawk…why is it a reccomended wallet

The funds arent stuck! Wallets are just ways on interacting with a blockchian.

as @nick said, you can download another wallet and use the same seed-phrase (kinda like a global password to get access.

Now why is nighthawk reccommended? That I dont know, maybe @nick can answer.

Where did you hear about it?

Its listed on here as a wallet

I tried adding the seed to a different wallet but no luck

I will try again

People will recommend specific wallets that they like or prefer for features, UI, bells and whistles, etc.

As long as you are using a wallet that supports the Zcash protocol, you can select whichever one works for you. Nighthawk is one of the wallets that leverages ECC’s mobile wallet SDK. YWallet and Zingo are two other options that don’t. Shortly, ECC will be releasing Zashi, which is our own wallet with a very simple UI. The choice is yours.

Click on the Wallets link in the left-hand side menu.

But why is Nighthawk on the website if it doesn’t work? Am I missing something?

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I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that every wallet listed on the website is 100% perfect in terms of no bugs or issues. Nighthawk is one of the supported wallets - I’ve used it personally along with others.

Have you tried deleting the wallet completely, reinstalling and then restoring from the seed phrase? Does it still fail to sync?

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Are you really saying that all the wallets on the website are 100% perfect?

Yes tried all that after 18 hours it got to 77% ive just checked and its back to 1%

So yeh i dont think it should be listed as a suitable wallet until they make some changes

Thanks For the help im gonna try ywallet as they have a desktop client aswell

Thanks again


Forgot the “not” before 100%.